Ask It: Update Attractions or Build New Ones?

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New attractions, such as Flight of Passage, bring a lot of excitement for people who get to experience something new at the parks. At the same time, there are many attractions that could use an update (or at least a little TLC). So this week, we’re asking you:

Which would you rather see: Updates to existing attractions or building of new attractions?

  • New attractions (58%, 384 Votes)
  • Updates (42%, 277 Votes)

Total Voters: 661

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The poll is live here now and on Twitter. Feel free to share your comments, and we’ll have your results next week.

Posted on August 16, 2017

11 Responses to “Ask It: Update Attractions or Build New Ones?”

  • Given that choice, as presented, who wouldn’t say New Attractions? I think the more compelling (and especially relevant this week) version of the question would be “Which would you rather see happen to older, outdated attractions: Updates or Total Replacements?”

    Considering that almost half of the votes are for Updates, though, maybe that’s how people are interpreting the poll anyway…

  • Of course it depends. I wouldn’t want them to bin Spaceship Earth or Big Thunder (for example) but if they want to ditch the tea cups in favour of something good I’d be very happy.

  • It’s hard to interpret this question, but I have to take it to mean a choice about a single under performing ride and whether Disney should spend hundreds of millions to try to “fix” it or simply start over with a new concept.

  • Both. Spruce up classic attractions and build groovy new ones. But please stop murdering classic attractions with terrible overlays. (See: FEA at Epcot and, especially, GotG at DCA.)

  • While I voted for New Attractions over updates, I would prefer up keeping of attractions over anything. And how about bringing back some oldies but goodies (original Imagination ride, Spectromagic).

    • Ah, Journey into Imagination! How I miss the old version. On a recent trip my (now adult) sister said to me with confusion: “I thought we liked this ride a lot when we were younger…”

  • Why should this be either-or? I thought we had enough land here to hold all of our dreams.

  • Depends upon what you mean by “update” Tiki Birds Under New Management was a miss, for example, at least in my opinion. I vote for tastefully update the old ones, AND add new ones.

  • There is a place for both. On the question of updates, I wish Disney had thought about changes to The Great Movie Ride rather than scrapping it. Imagine what that might have been like with all the latest technology and some newer films to appeal to a whole new audience as well as old fans. Space Mountain could also really do with some work to make it smoother! Others have to go – and then it’s good to develop whole new concepts. Many people are excited about visiting and experiencing new rides but most also have old favourites that are part of every trip. Sometimes those old favourites could do with a bit of work.

    • Great Movie Ride really is a shame. But Disney just doesn’t like to update rides when sponsors pull out. God only knows what’s going to happen to the exit queue/play area of Spaceship Earth now that the sponsor is pulling out. Imagine if Great Movie Ride had been regularly updated little by little over the years? Instead of remaining essentially a museum, like Ellen?

      Have you ridden Space Mountain since the trim brakes were put in a couple(?) of years ago? Much better ride than it used to be–especially the big drop near the end of the ride. Wish it had the higher-end star effects like the California version, but IMO it’s much more comfortable than before.

  • I am always in favor of new attractions however some of the classics, of course, need to stay. I personally love Carousel of Progress which many have said needs an update. Update fine, but please do not replace it.