#AskIt – So How ‘Bout Those Hurricanes?

by on September 13, 2017 15 Comments

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It’s Wednesday again, and time for another Ask It. There’s been one thing on our minds for the last week. Hurricanes. For the last two years, Disney has closed the parks and cancelled cruises due to hurricanes (Irma this year, Matthew last year).

So we’re asking you:

Are you rethinking your plans to schedule your vacation during hurricane season?

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The poll is live here and on Twitter. We’ll have your results next week.

Posted on September 13, 2017

15 Responses to “#AskIt – So How ‘Bout Those Hurricanes?”

  • I’m not rethinking my plans… because I would never schedule my WDW trip during high hurricane season in the first place!

  • In the grand scheme of ways this thing could have gone down, everything was pretty mild now that it’s all said and done. It’s a risk you know you’re taking when you schedule a September trip, so ques era.

  • To be clear, I try to avoid going to WDW during the height of hurricane season. We have in the past but the last few years have strengthened my resolve to not even attempt it.

  • The Food & Wine Festival is in hurricane season, and I like going during the festival. 🙁 But I go at the end of October. So far so good, but I’m nervous this year.

  • Statistically, what is the chance that a 5 day WDW vacation will be interrupted by a hurricane? I know Len can run the numbers. For the low crowds in September, I think it’s worth the risk. I went last January and had to deal with 36 F temperatures, so it’s always something.

    • That’s an interesting question. WDW has only closed 5 times in 46 years for hurricanes, but 2 of the last two years. Cruises have been more affected with schedule changes and cancellations. And storms are getting bigger.

      The festivals, parties, and promotions were designed to get more folks down to FL during hurricane season, and they’re working.

      It’s something for the statisticians (not Len – LOL) to look at.

    • Mark, that was my logic, as well, in scheduling our trip for this past week, yet that logic failed me and we lost considerable value in our trip which was very expensive for my family. The low crowds are nice but the risk just isn’t worth it for me. It would be different if we were able to visit often but for me, I will reconsider scheduling this time of year for any future WDW vacation.

  • This is our third Disney Hurricane. If we’re gonna be in FL during one, this is a safe place to be. Actually, it’s the heat that is the hardest thing to overcome. The days after a hurricane, you practically have the parks to yourselves….no crowds.

  • I voted that “yes” I am re-thinking going during hurricane season but I’m not sure that would translate into “deciding not to go”. Perhaps more like: considering trip cancellation insurance more seriously.

  • I will definitely avoid scheduling personal vacations in late August through early October trips to Orlando (or any southern coast) in the future, so I put “yes”. Between Matthew, Harvey, Irma, and Jose, I’ve been convinced not to tempt nature. However, I would still consider travel during the summer and late fall (especially November), which is still hurricane season.

  • I don’t travel during hurricane season-if I was forced to for some reason I’d have travel insurance. Even though WDW pretty much has things under control there are always your flights to consider and the hassle factor.

  • by Tricia from MCC on September 13, 2017, at 6:04 pm EST

    MARK’s question is a good one, get Fred over here 🙂

    I selected no. The school year limits our travel, wife is a professor. I’d rather go in late Sept, Oct, but that’s not possible anymore. So it’s either summer or January.

  • We are scheduled for an early November trip and are not rescheduling. We were there in early September when a hurricane made landfall north of Disney World and on 2 other occasions (both in August) we were there during Tropical Storms that could easily have been hurricanes. You take a chance, but it has always been worth it. We have also had many trips during hurricane season where the weather has been beautiful.
    I probably would have rescheduled this time if I had trip planned because of the intensity, but I would not hesitate to schedule a trip during hurricane season.

  • I voted yes but it’s more of a coincidence really. After 4 of my last 5 Disney trips being decorated for Halloween I’m ready for something classic or maybe the Christmas holidays.