Monthly Merchandise Spotlight, November 2017

Greetings everyone!

I hope that everyone is getting ready for a wonderful time with friends and family. Because I’m getting to see family over the Thanksgiving holiday but not over the December holidays, I actually finished all my holiday shopping before Halloween–but that gives me lots of time to go window shopping over the next two months with no pressure. As requested, this month I headed over to Animal Kingdom for a look at some of the merchandise you can find there. Some items are found in the Shop Parks app, so if you’re not down here, you can still buy some of these special items for friends and family (or as a treat for yourself.

First, although these designs are not unique to Animal Kingdom, I’m really loving these shirts. I generally don’t buy Disney t-shirts anymore because they tend to feel too snug for my own comfort no matter what size I get. These look like they’d be comfortable and the design is retro without feeling dated. Then again, with a $60 price tag (yes, you read that right), it’s still a pass for me.


Came across this kids’ shirt while I was looking around. Do kids think this is trendy or does it come across as funny as a dad joke? At $20, it’s better than the shirts above price-wise, but I’m not sold on it. What do you think?

So if the kids don’t think it’s all that, maybe the adults will, which is why they also have coffee mugs with the same patterns? Or do kids really drink a lot of coffee in the mornings? The coffee mugs will set you back $14.

Much as those mugs aren’t my style, I must admit that I do like these. Although they’re obviously Mickey patterned, it isn’t so in your face that any non-Disney guests you have at your house would cringe when you pull them out. The $16 price point isn’t as bad as it could be either.

While shopping, I had baby on the mind. (No, not because I’m expecting another one soon …. or ever!) We’ve got a new cousin in the family, and so I was looking at what cute baby items were around. Aren’t these little baby blankets ($28) adorable?

On many people’s holiday lists are funky socks. Are they becoming the new ugly sweater trend? I don’t get the appeal of socks in general, being a flip-flop gal, but when I do have to wear them, I just want them to be warm and cover my feet. What do you think? Are these cool and trendy or just…different? (And are they worth their $15 price tag?)

One thing seems to be certain–Disney loves playing to nostalgia, and that means the 80s are cool again. Time for me to pull out my poofy dress and leg warmers, right? (Okay, I don’t have the poofy dress anymore, but I do have the legwarmers.) I do think the 80s were the pinnacle of modern society, so needless to say, I do like the design of this pixel-font Mickey shirt.

Speaking of retro sensibilities, MOOD JEWELRY!! Yes, they’re gearing this stuff more for kids, but I believe it is fine for the kid in all of us, am I right?


One nice aspect about shopping at Animal Kingdom is that there are unique offerings that you won’t find at other parks. It also means that many of the shops around the park carry different items from each other. The shops in the area between Yak and Yeti and Kali River Rapids have some unique items, and at fairly reasonable price, like the Yak and Yeti seasonings and hot sauces.

There’s also some cute statuaries, including this lucky cat bank (at a very lucky $13).

I couldn’t find a price on these prayer flags, but they would make a wonderful little gift to add a bit of Anandapur atmosphere to your own backyard.

And speaking of atmosphere, one of my favorite things to buy are Disney music CDs. Are any of these in your current playlist?

One other area that has done quite well with merchandise sales is Pandora. Aside from jaw-dropping Banshee sales, there’s a lot of other merchandise available, and it does seem to be hit or miss. I don’t get the appeal of tattoos, but these temporary tattoos are a solid pass in general, especially for their $7 price tag.

On the other hand, I think selling “Pandoran” plants is a neat offering. Yes, these are things like pitcher plants and air plants, but they do look like the existing plants around Pandora.

This particular air plant is pricey ($25), but the presentation is beautiful.

And now it’s time for my prediction for “coming to an Outlet report soon”. This little gem is from Pandora. If you’ve visited Windtraders and managed to get past the Banshee rookery, you may have seen another high-end souvenir, where you can make your own Pandoran Avatar blue action figure thingy with your own face. If you’re not creeped out by that, you might be creeped out by the fact that your action figure is not fully clothed with what looks like….LuLaRow leggings or camping gear? Well, Disney has you covered with this collection of Pandoran Avatar clothing and accessories.

Each set runs $15. Any prediction what the Outlet price will be? And in case you’re just dying to know how they look on the figures, here you go.

Anyone putting this, or anything else that you’ve seen here, on your holiday shopping list?

Derek will be back at the end of the month for your monthly Outlet fix, and I’ll be back next month with the Monthly Merchandise Spotlight–last-minute holiday shopper edition.

Julia Mascardo

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  • November 15, 2017 at 8:59 am

    Love it! Thanks for the update.

  • November 16, 2017 at 11:29 am

    The socks weren’t a horrible price at all and were kinda cute! If you have to have funky socks, might as well be Disney!

    And yes…the Dress Me Up/I Stole Your Soul When I Stole Your Face Avatars are um…creepy…They could also sell those by The Haunted Mansion, just a little bit softer with their own set of pins to go with it! [think about it…lol]

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