Hello and Happy Holidays!

Maybe it feels a little bit early to be celebrating, but not at Disney World where Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party began last Friday. I was there and had a great time despite the sold out crowds, but rather than write my normal hundreds of words about it, I spoke at a camera for several hours on end! Luckily I managed to edit it down to just under 17 minutes where you get to see bits of every show, the parade, the fireworks, and lots of random things throughout the night. Enjoy, and maybe check out the rest of our YouTube page when you’re done.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Depending on the wind they hose down the roofs and the buildings before fireworks. I would think that’s why the pavement was wet.

  2. I liked the video a lot, thanks Brian. I was supposed to be there for a quick trip this december, but had to skip due to a class I decided to take. We have mostly gone in august/september, so I was interested to see what the xmas park & rest of disney was like.

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