I finally had the opportunity to experience Pandora – The World of Avatar! In today’s video, I take you on a tour of this area, located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.


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  1. We just got back last night and had the chance the ride it 4 times on our trip… at rope drop both AK mornings and also with FPP later those days. It is our #1 ride in all of WDW! I would hate to wait 2-3 hours, but would happily get up for extra early rope drop and ride it. The bonus of riding it without FPP is you get to experience the intricate que which has so many stages. In the FPP que you miss most of that. At rope drop in the AM you at least get to walk through each room on your way to the ride. Be sure to arrive at least 45 min before park opening as they let you in early to start to que up for FofP. Then, after you early AM ride, you can catch Navi’ River Journey with a shortened line (20-30) after flying on a banshee! Enjoy!!

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