One of my favorite little exhibits to pop into along my walk through World Showcase at Epcot is the Stave Church found in the Norway Pavilion. Many people don’t even know you can go inside, thinking this beautiful building is just decoration. But those who think to tug on the door are welcomed by a delightful exhibit that shows off Norway’s culture!

The previous exhibit was all about Frozen and how the country of Norway inspired the film, but now, beginning today, there’s a brand new exhibit for Guests to experience and learn from.

“Gods of the Vikings” celebrates the legendary Norse gods and goddesses that inspired the ancient Vikings of Scandinavia in their daily lives. Here in this exhibit, Guests can stop in to learn more about the popular Viking gods Thor, Odin, Freyja, and Loki through displays of authentic Viking artifacts.

Through this exhibit, Guests will be able to discover how Norse mythology helped the Vikings live their lives and understand the world around them.

These types of exhibits are what help to make World Showcase so special, and I hope that you make sure on your next visit to open the wooden door of the Stave Church and learn more about the culture of Norway.


  1. Wow, something not Anna and Elsa related added to Norway?
    That would explain the endless winter this year – Hell really has frozen over.

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