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Trivia Tuesday: Haunted Mansion + Video

by on October 20, 2015

Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Welcome to a spooky edition of Trivia Tuesday!

Click on the video below to hear some ghoooooostly details about the Haunted Mansion attraction.

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Happy Halloween!

Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever September 24, 2015: Disneyland Paris Walkthrough Attractions

by on September 24, 2015

best week ever disneyland paris walkthroughs

Take a walk through the best attractions at Disneyland Paris with the Best Week Ever. (photos by Seth Kubersky)

Greetings and salutations from the high seas! I’m currently in the middle of a transatlantic cruise from Barcelona back to Florida, but even in the midst of my marvelous voyage on the newly refurbished Disney Magic (more on the boat’s upgrades in an upcoming column) I still can’t get my recent visit to Disneyland Paris out of my mind. If you read the last edition of Best Week Ever, you already know I didn’t find much positive to say about the Walt Disney Studios park at the resort formerly known as EuroDisney, but the Disneyland Parc — as the French call it — was a different story altogether. When I’m back on dry land, I’ll go into greater depth on the strengths and weaknesses of that potential-packed park, but for right now I want to share some visual highlights from my favorite unique attractions. Disneyland Paris is well know for its unusual variations on classic Disney rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion (a.k.a. Phantom Manor). Far less publicized — but just as exciting to me — are the one-of-a-kind Disneyland Paris walkthrough attractions that can be found in each of its lands. While most guests attend a theme park to climb aboard moving ride vehicles, I invite you now to take a stroll through some of Disneyland Park’s most exciting pedestrian experiences.

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Wearable Halloween Costumes: Inside Out + Video

by on September 22, 2015

Photo - DisneyI love Halloween (really, I put my decorations up September 1st), but I can’t justify buying a brand new costume every year.

Therefore, I feel it’s my duty to provide wearable costume alternatives that are not only comfortable, but are characters people can easily identify.

So today, I give you the emotions from the Disney Pixar film, Inside Out.


In my opinion, this costume is all about the make up. You can get away with a chartruese-colored top (I found mine at Savers), the eye look, and a yellow ball to serve as a core memory. Don’t forget a contagious smile and you’ve got yourself a completed costume.

I’ve provided a video make up tutorial below but if you don’t have the time, here’s the look.

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Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever September 17, 2015: Walt Disney Studios Paris

by on September 17, 2015

It’s another Best Week Ever (sort of) at Walt Disney Studios Paris (photos by Seth Kubersky)

Over the past 60 years, the Walt Disney Company has created some of the greatest examples of themed entertainment that the world has ever seen, but even Mickey sometimes makes a mistake or two. Fans love to debate about their least favorite Disney attractions almost as much as they like discussing the best one, whether we are talking about our recent well-publicized assertion that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is no longer worth the full price of a one-day ticket, or the legendary faults of Disney California Adventure’s opening day incarnation. But a troubled as those parks may be, if you haven’t been to Walt Disney Studios Paris, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I’ve recently completed my first visit to the Disneyland Paris Resort, and while 3 days at the Mouse’s European outpost certainly don’t make me an expert, they did broaden my definition of what a Disney park can — and probably shouldn’t — be. In an upcoming column I’ll share my experiences at Disneyland Paris itself, once I’ve had some time to digest my complicated feelings about that potential-packed park. But first, join me on a walk through its sister attraction, Walt Disney Studios Paris, which is arguably the weakest gate in the company’s current portfolio. In honor of one of the films featured in the park’s best original offering, I’m going to divide my thoughts into three categories: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. And because this is my Best Week Ever, let’s begin by accentuating the positive.


The Good at Walt Disney Studios Paris


Before we delve into the less-than-stellar aspects of Walt Disney Studios Paris, I want to properly praise three of the parks attractions which can go toe to toe with any of Disney’s best, starting with one of my favorite experiences in the entire resort.


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Disneyland Paris Wrap Up #Everywhere

by on December 5, 2014

IMG_3504TouringPlans #Everywhere wrapped up a month ago, but as the lucky person chosen to head to Disneyland Paris, I just returned home 2 weeks ago. (Ed. – yes, I’m late running this.) Since it was my first trip to Europe, I was able to spend 3 weeks visiting Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, and Dublin. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe this trip, but the two best are probably “Amazing” and “Exhausting.” It’s a weird dichotomy, in that I dont think I would ever suggest that anyone ever take a 3 week vacation to 6 cities in 5 countries, but I also can’t think of anything I would have willingly removed from our itinerary – it was such a great trip and I wouldn’t change a thing.

What I learned about Disneyland Paris – The Good

I thought Disneyland Park in Paris was beautiful. Excellently themed, with great attractions. The level of detail in this park equaled that of the Magic Kingdom in my opinion, as it felt like each land and each attraction would have fit perfectly in Orlando. The roller coasters in Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios were also the best Disney roller coasters I’ve been on. Space Mountain: Mission 2, Crush’s Coaster, and Indiana Jones were all more intense and more fun than anything at Walt Disney World. The Paris versions of Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion (called Phantom Manor) and Pirates were different enough to warrant several rides without ever feeling like you were just wasting time by re-hashing Disney World copies. There are attractions unique to Disneyland Paris’s two parks that at the very least could be considered interesting (The Alice in Wonderland Hedge Maze, a Snow White-style Pinocchio ride, The Dragon under the castle, Cinemagique), or at the very best, superior to attractions we have in Orlando (Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille).

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TouringPlans #Everywhere – Meet Schedules

by on September 30, 2014

t_logo_fbHave you ever wanted a chance to hang with TouringPlans staff in locations throughout the globe? Sunday, October 12, is your opportunity. This is the day of TouringPlans #Everywhere. We will have our people posted at every Disney location in the world on the same day, blogging and tweeting for your reading pleasure. And we’d love to see you while we’re at it.

Here is where everyone will be available. All times are local. DCL meet ups may change due to what’s happening on the ship that day – watch Twitter for updates.

If possible, please RSVP via email to the person who’ll be there so we’ll have an idea what to expect:

Meet Up Locations

Disneyland Paris – meet Brad Huber (developer and Saints fan) at 3:00 pm at the Market House Deli on Main Street in Disneyland Park. Email brad@touringplans.com.

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