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Celebrate the Oscars With A Unique Photo Opportunity

by on February 21, 2018



Have you ever dreamed of walking the red carpet and holding that beautiful golden Oscar statue? Well, since I doubt you’ll have the opportunity to do that, here’s the next best thing for those of you who are fans of The Oscars.

Guests who visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be able to walk the red carpet and take their very own selfie with an Oscar Statuette at the Walt Disney World Resort. The exhibit is located at the Walt Disney Presents attraction.  Guests are encouraged to share their Oscar Moment using #Oscars and @WaltDisneyWorld.

Don’t delay, this is a limited time experience! It will end on March 4!

The Oscars will air Sunday, March 4, on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT and will feature once again as host, Jimmy Kimmel.

Five Things To Do On Your Next Trip Instead of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on February 19, 2018

Ed. note (and in this case, I, Laurel, am the editor) – So your friendly TouringPlans bloggers were chatting on Slack, as we do. And despite our use of channels, sometimes our conversations….meander. Joe brought up the reduction in capacity from April 9 to May 7 of Toy Story Mania. Julia mentioned that that makes a park with a lack of things for kids to do even more problematic. Jamie said he hasn’t even been to the Studios in his last two trips (and mentioned that the first article he ever wrote for us was Is Disney’s Hollywood Studios Still Worth Your Time?) (His answer in 2015 was “yes.”) Guys, that was early three years ago and we’re still asking ourselves this question. More anecdotal evidence of a lack of things to do at the Studios. Your humble author was on crutches for more than a week and tried walking there because “if I have to bail, I won’t feel sad that I missed anything.” Wait, where was I? Anyway this stream of consciousness is pretty much how we talk amongst ourselves on Slack. Oh yeah, what to do instead of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Toy Story Mania Will Change FastPass+ and Capacity in April and May

by on February 19, 2018

Temporary Changes to Toy Story Mania Capacity This Spring

Disney is doing construction work at Toy Story Mania to prepare for this summer’s opening of Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As part of that work, Toy Story Mania will not offer FastPass+ for parts of April and May, 2018. In addition, we expect at least one of Toy Story Mania’s three ride tracks to be closed.

Our Disney World Crowd Calendar and Studios touring plans will still make predictions for your wait times at Toy Story Mania during this work. This is the first time we’ve seen a ride drop FastPass+ and reduce capacity, though, so we expect to make some adjustments to those predictions in early May. And because this is an unprecedented, temporary change, we’re not going to include Toy Story Mania wait times in our analysis of actual crowd levels at DHS.

When Toy Story Mania re-opens, the ride’s entrance will flip to about the same place on the opposite side of the building, moving from its current location on Pixar Place, to the bottom of Toy Story Land:

Toy Story Mania's new entrance when it opens in Toy Story Land this summer.

Toy Story Mania’s new entrance when it opens in Toy Story Land this summer.

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Toy Story Land to Open This June at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on February 16, 2018

The most anticipated land of the summer finally has its opening date! Toy Story Land will be opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on June 30!

As part of the land, Guests will be able to experience the two new attractions, Slinky Dog Dash, which will be a family-friendly roller coaster where Guests will be able to ride on a coaster that looks like Slinky Dog, and Alien Swirling Saucers, where Guests will spin around with the Little Green Aliens. Also joining the land officially will be Toy Story Mania, one of the most popular attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The land will also include a new walk up window called Woody’s Lunch Box, which will serve soda floats, and is sponsored by Mini Babybel.

The entire land will serve as a visual celebration of toys, with Crayons, Cooties, Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cubes, Tinkertoys, and other familiar toys and game pieces that have been incorporated into the land.

So, get ready to shrink down to the size of a toy beginning at the end of June!

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway to Debut in 2019

by on February 11, 2018

One of the exciting new attractions that’s coming to Walt Disney World is a first of its kind. You see, it’s the first to ever to be a Mickey Mouse themed ride-through attraction! And now, we know more details about the ride, such as its opening year — 2019!



For those who are unaware, Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will feature a new catchy theme song that was created especially for the attraction as well as a new experience that defies logic that we’re calling 2 ½-D. No glasses required.

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway will put you inside the wacky and unpredictable world of a Mickey Mouse Cartoon Short based off the new Mickey Mouse cartoons that can be seen on Disney Channel. On the attraction, the fun begins when you see the premiere of a new cartoon short with Mickey and Minnie getting ready for a picnic. As they head out, they drive alongside a train and find out that the engineer is Goofy. Then, in a magical moment, you get to step into the movie and on Goofy’s train for a wacky, wild ride that you won’t forget.

Stay tuned to the blog for further details about Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

A Wrinkle in Time Sneak Preview Coming to Disney Parks

by on February 8, 2018


Are you anxious for the upcoming film A Wrinkle in Time? Beginning tomorrow, you’ll be able to catch a sneak preview of the upcoming movie based off the book by Madeleine L’Engle at both Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort.

At Walt Disney World, the preview will be taking place at Disney’s Hollywood Studios inside the theater in the new Walt Disney Presents. (Formerly One Man’s Dream.) In addition to the special sneak peek, Guests will also be able to view a display of costumes used in the production of the film.

Moving over to the Disneyland Resort, Guests at Disney California Adventure will get to see this advance look at scenes from A Wrinkle in Time in 3D with special in-theater effects at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Hollywood Land.

A Wrinkle in Time hits theaters on March 9.

New Concept Art for Alien Swirling Saucers at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on February 7, 2018

Are you getting excited for Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? One of the new attractions for this area themed after Andy’s backyard is the Alien Swirling Saucers. Today, Disney shared some unique concept art to showcase just what the attraction will be like, and I have to say, it definitely looks fun!


Alien Swirling Saucers



The Alien Swirling Saucers attraction, for those who don’t know, will have the aliens have powering up their saucers and you’ll get to climb into a toy rocket. Hang on as the aliens lead the way. All this takes place while electronic space music plays, providing an intergalactic soundtrack. Oh, and if you’re really lucky, you just might get chosen by the claw! (I’m super curious about what this means, cause Disney keep emphasizing it.)

Toy Story Land will also feature the Slinky Dog Dash Coaster and Toy Story Mania, as well as a quick service dining location, Woody’s Lunch Box.

Oh and Disney also wanted the rumors quelled. (Ahem….Len and Jim. 😉  )  The park is still, for the time being, going to be known as Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

For those waiting impatiently to find out when Toy Story Land will actually open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, well, that’s still up in the air. According to Disney, the answer to that question is still summer.

Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in May

by on January 30, 2018


Disney is bringing back Star Wars: Galactic Nights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as a way to celebrate Solo: A Star Wars Story! This one night only event will take place on Sunday, May 27.

This event is the ultimate one for a Star Wars fan.  This family-friendly invites Guests to celebrate the beloved Star Wars franchise. Guests are invited to dress as their favorite character, as well as experience fun and exclusive Star Wars activities and events.

Here’s what you can expect to experience at the Star Wars: Galactic Nights event:

Rebel Base

The Rebel Base will serve as the Star Wars: Galactic Nights event hub. Here, Guests will find a DJ dance party, as well as being the home for ongoing event information, hosted shows, interactive moments and more!

Star Wars: Galactic Destinations Projections

These exclusive projections will transform The Hollywood Tower Hotel. They will be visible on the Sunset Boulevard area of the park. Watch as the facade of the Hollywood Tower Hotel transforms via projection technology to showcase familiar locations from across the galaxy. Favorite film moments, special effects, lighting, and of course the stellar Star Wars cinematic score supports each galactic location moment all night long. 

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Five Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World in 2018

by on January 1, 2018

As workplace calendars take shape for 2018, attention turns to vacation destinations. For the Walt Disney World addicts among us, it’s not a question of whether we’ll go, but when and for how long. Others may need additional incentives to choose theme parks over the beach or big city.

For those of you with the challenge of convincing your significant other to spend their valuable vacation time armed with MagicBands and Touring Plans, we’ve got you covered. Read on for five reasons you can use to argue that 2018 is the year to visit Disney.

Let’s see Andy’s backyard

New lands don’t come around every year, but for the second straight summer, Walt Disney World will take down the construction walls and invite visitors to a new theme park land.

While not as impressive in scope as Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the new Toy Story Land will bring kid-friendly attractions to a park that badly needs them, Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney announced an opening of summer 2018 for the land. If it follows the same pattern as Pandora, that would mean soft openings in May.

Two new attractions and a quick-service dining location will be added with the opening of Toy Story Land.

The land, which will include the existing Toy Story Midway Mania! attraction, will be modeled to look like Andy’s back yard. Visitors shrink down to toy size in their surroundings. The two new attractions, the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster and Alien Swirling Saucers, should be kid-friendly, but with enough clever theming to appeal to everyone.

Add a quick-service dining location, Woody’s Lunch Box, and you have enough to bring visitors back to Hollywood Studios, even as a large portion of the park continues to be blocked off by construction walls (more on that later).

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Experience New Planets on Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

by on November 20, 2017

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

©Rikki Niblett

This weekend, Guests were surprised with an all new location that they could now visit as a part of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue at both Disneyland and at Walt Disney World.

Now, when Guests board their Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Starspeeders at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Park, you’ll not only be able to visit the planet of Crait, which will be featured as part of The Last Jedi, but you’re also able to make a stop on another planet…one that is located on the outer rim of the Star Wars galaxy. This particular planet is known C-3PO, and now to us, as Batuu.

Never heard of Batuu? It’s a remote outpost on the galaxy’s edge that was once a busy crossroads along the old sub-lightspeed trade routes, but its prominence was bypassed by the rise of hyperspace travel. The planet is now home to those who prefer to stay out of the mainstream. Batuu has become a thriving port for smugglers, rogue traders and adventurers traveling between the frontier and uncharted space. It’s also a convenient safe haven for those intent on avoiding the expanding reach of the First Order. Now does it sound familiar? It’s the Star Wars land where Guests will be visiting as part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Guests will be able to visit the planet in person when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially opens in 2019.