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A Frozen Holiday Wish – Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2016 + Video

by on November 15, 2016

Photo - Matt Stroshane

Photo – Matt Stroshane

For today’s TouringPlansTV, I’m bringing you with me to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!

Watch Elsa freeze Cinderella Castle in A Frozen Holiday Wish.


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TouringPlans #Everywhere – I’m Going to Vero Beach Resort!

by on August 22, 2014



Many, many months ago an article was posted announcing the coolest project ever. A group of Touring Plans bloggers was going to take the Disney universe by storm, dropping one of us in every location around the world for a first of its kind blogging event. It’s called TouringPlans #Everywhere, and much like all of you I was looking forward to reading about it. Imagine my shock and absolute delight when I was invited to join the event by heading to Vero BeachI’m still pinching myself, and the best part is I get to take you all with me!

So what have I done to plan? Well, I suppose writing this article is a start. To be fair, I’m planning a vacation to Tokyo Disneyland first that has been taking up most of my time. Also, since Vero Beach is just a couple hours away, it doesn’t feel like a vacation that needs a ton of planning. It feels more like a beach weekend where you don’t pack more than your bathing suit. I don’t want that to make it sound like I’m not excited, though. If you can believe it, when I’m heading to Vero Beach it will be the only Disney location aside from Hong Kong I haven’t visited! So let’s take a look at what’s there:

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24 Hr Rock Your Disney Side: A Magical Morning

by on May 23, 2014

Were you ready to Rock Your Disney Side this morning but couldn’t make it to Walt Disney World? I decided to head to the park for opening to make you feel like you were there. 🙂 Forgive me if this is a little shorter than normal, but I’m editing photos quickly to get this to you as soon as possible. Not to mention someone needs quite a long nap so I can Rock My Disney Side all night too!

If you can believe it my alarm went off at 3:45am this morning! The plan was to leave by 4:45am to arrive just a little after 5am. Of course, we ran late but ended up at the monorail by 5:20am. As you can see we reached the Magic Kingdom station just a little after 5:30am.


Unlike last year, bag check was a zoo. I thought it was much more crowded! I was about to hand my camera bag off to my hubby and run through the no bags line to make sure I was able to get video for you guys, but they opened more bags check stations just before I dashed. Phew!


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Live from the Disney Dream – Bar Menus

by on May 6, 2014

Today is Castaway Cay day of our second cruise, and I’ve already run a 5K. Because I’m feeling so righteous, I’ll post some bar menus. First is Pink – my third favorite bar on the Disney Cruise Line (click to open the full sized images).

Page 1 of the Pink Menu

Page 1 of the Pink Menu

Page 2 of the Pink Menu

Page 2 of the Pink Menu








Next is a label from the Crémant d’Alsace Blanc de Blanc, which Len (who is kind of a Champagne snob) pronounced very good last night, and is at a really decent price.

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Live From the Dream – Disney Cruise Line Back to Back Procedures

by on May 4, 2014

You'll never see the terminal this empty except at 9:30 AM!

You’ll never see the terminal this empty except at 9:30 AM!

Welcome back to Day 4 (or Day 1 depending on how you’re counting). Today was the last day of our first cruise and the first day of our second. We are doing the Disney Cruise Line back to back with consecutive 3- and 4- night cruises on the Dream. The procedures for disembarkation and embarkation of our back to back cruises were clear and easy to follow. On the first day of our first cruise, our stateroom host already knew that we were on the following cruise in the same cabin as well – we were “on his list” as he said. Last night, each of us received a letter with instructions for today and extra customs forms and a payment form in case we hadn’t already set that up during online check in (which we had).

Last night we tidied the room to make sure we knew where the stuff we’d be taking off the ship today was so it would be easy to find in the morning, but other than that everything was still unpacked and in the drawers or hanging in the closet. This morning we went to Cabanas for breakfast instead of our rotational dining room (we recommend this whether you’re doing a back to back or not). Though we were asked to be off the ship by 9:15, we got out of our cabin before 8AM for breakfast. After a leisurely breakfast, we headed to the Vista Cafe to fill out our comment cards and customs forms. We left the ship with the other passengers around 9:00 with just the bags we planned to carry off with us. They contained:

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Live from the Disney Dream – Menus

by on May 2, 2014

Welcome back to Day 2 of the 3 night cruise. On a three night cruise, you are scheduled for one dinner each of the main dining rooms. Each location has a set menu – because it’s a 3-night cruise, there are no special menus such as the Pirate menu, even though tonight is Pirates IN the Caribbean.

Here are photos of the menus (click for full size):

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden

Animator's Palate

Animator’s Palate

Royal Palace Menu

Royal Palace Menu

Live From the Disney Dream

by on May 1, 2014

One of our favorite things on the Dream - the Aquaduck

One of our favorite things on the Dream – the Aquaduck

Do you have questions about Disney Cruise Line? Starting today, May 1, we will be blogging live from the Disney Dream. Ask your questions in the comments – anything from can you post today’s Personal Navigator to what’s on the menu at Animator’s Palate tonight – and we will be happy to get you answers. We’re going to be on the Dream for seven nights, a back to back 3-night, followed by a 4-night. The cruise stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay on each sailing.

We’ll start a new article each day, so keep checking back!