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TouringPlans Now Offers Full, Detailed Coverage of Washington, D.C.

Today is the day! We have been teasing full coverage of Washington, D.C. for a while now, and it is finally here. What we...

Upcoming WDW Subscription Price Increase

A quick heads-up: on December 8, 2016, the price of a subscription to our Walt Disney World tools will be $14.95 per year. If you're...

Touring Plans for Early Morning Magic and Custom Ride Durations

Today we're releasing two updates to our touring plan software: Support for Disney's Early Morning Magic events Custom ride duration at attractions such as World Showcase pavilions...

New Look for Dashboard – Plus Interactive Checklists!

You may have already noticed, but this past week we revamped your trip dashboard! The snazzy new look is more streamlined with better ways... Site and Lines App Problems and Resolutions

As many of you know, the website, blog, and Lines app experienced technical difficulties on the morning of Saturday, September 5. Although we...

Trip Planning Dashboard Now Includes Parks You’re Visiting Each Day

Those of you who are subscribers know we've recently introduced a new trip planning dashboard, and today we're releasing the next iteration - adding...

Search Feature Added to TouringPlans

We've added a site-wide search feature to the TouringPlans website. A search bar should appear somewhere around the upper right corner of every page The...

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