Send Us Your FASTPASS!

Help us improve our Crowd Calendar by sending us wait times! The best way is to do this our mobile website, or via Twitter, but we’re happy to accept pictures of FASTPASS as well! Every FASTPASS we get will go straight to our famous, world-class statistician Fred Hazleton to improve our crowd modeling. We also just love hearing from people in the parks!

Take a picture of your FASTPASS before you use it. Then email it to us at:

If you post a picture of a FASTPASS online, email us the link. If you post them to Twitter, mention @TouringPlans in the tweet.

No rush to send them to us
If you’ve got one of those new-fangled mobile devices and can send them to us in the parks, that’s great! Otherwise, just send our way when you can.

Have an old, never-used FASTPASS?
We’re collecting old FASTPASSes, too! Just email pictures of them to

The bottom-right corner timestamp
The only thing that needs to be visible is the small “timestamp” in the bottom right corner of the FASTPASS. Hold the FASTPASS with your left hand, if you can!

No FASTPASS? No camera?
No problem. Feel free to send us any crowd or wait time updates via email, on Twitter, or post a comment here on the blog. Every little bit helps!

Any Questions?
Email us at