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SATURDAY SIX Looks at Our Favorite Shows That Went to Disney World

by on May 28, 2016

This week’s SATURDAY SIX looks at Six Of Our Favorite Shows That Went to Disney World. A while back  we took a look at the locations in Walt Disney World used in Thunder in Paradise; a camp classic “action” “adventure” show featuring Hulk Hogan in the mid ’90s. Most people, thankfully, haven’t seen Thunder, however they did catch many of sitcoms of that era who also made their way down to Florida.


Cory and Shawn get directions from Goofy at The American Adventure in EPCOT in Boy Meets World.

Now it should come as no surprise to anyone that all the shows featured aired on ABC, and all but one of them shortly after ABC merged with The Disney Company. This was corporate synergy in action. Many of our favorite shows (most part of the hugely successful T.G.I.F. lineup) went to the vacation kingdom of the world. Despite having all the sophistication of a Beetle Bailey comic strip, many people that are a certain age fondly remember these shows, including Your Humble Author. Today we are going to take a look at all the ABC shows that ventured to the House of Mouse and examine The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of each. So sit back, try not to have Urkelbot flashbacks, and let’s start our countdown with…

# 6 – Boy Meets World “The Happiest Show on Earth.”

Season 3, episode 21

I don’t know. I mean I made a mistake. I thought we could be friends like you and I are but, you know when I see Topanga I want to hug her, hold her, kiss her. When I see you I have no interest in any of those things.” – Cory


Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World going to WDW is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. The charisma of everyone in the episode is off the charts and you can see why the show is so beloved. However the actual content of the show is little more than a ’90s version of Three’s Company, and by that I mean the entire episode hinges on a non-stop series of coincidences and people seeing things completely out of context. Now sitcoms aren’t generally known for Emmy-award winning writing, especially back then, but the episode could have been just three minutes long if any of the characters just talked to each other instead of letting people think the worst. It’s basically one of the reasons most people had a very negative reaction to the recent Batman v Superman movie.

With that out of the way, this Boy Meets World episode was a fun one. To get the characters down to WDW, schoolmates of Corey (the main character of Boy Meets World) wrote papers for the Environmental Essay Awards. The three winners just so happened to be Topanga (Corey’s ex-girlfriend), Ronnie (the lothario of the school known as “Lips”), and Kristin, a girl Corey had just dated and accidentally called “Topanga” after kissing. Knowing Topanga and Ronnie would be together down in Orlando, Corey’s friend Shawn hatched a scheme to get them down there as well. There was actually a wonderful moment where right before they announced the winners of the contest, Shawn finally turned in his essay. To cover for Corey, his brother Eric created a ridiculous looking dummy and planned a Weekend at Bernie’s situation. It works because it’s so ridiculous. Big thumbs up.


Overhead shot of EPCOT Center as seen in Boy Meets World.


Spaceship Earth.


Topanga and “Lips” ride Dumbo in Corey’s nightmare scenario. It also looks like the Carousel behind them is under refurbishment so interesting choice of shots to use by the producers.

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Disneyland Season of the Force Videos & Photo Gallery

by on January 17, 2016

Disneyland season of the force videos photos

Celebrate Star Wars at Disneyland with new Season of the Force videos and photos.

With the latest Star Wars movie breaking the all-time domestic box office record less than a month of its release, it’s pretty clear that the Force is wide awake all over America, but nowhere has the film’s impact been more evident than inside the Disney parks. I’ve already covered the newly added Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, and recently I had the chance to fly west and compare Orlando’s offerings to their Anaheim analogues. While in California, I captured this gallery of Season of the Force videos and photo gallery to give our Disneyland-deprived readers a taste of the Happiest Place on Earth’s take on a galaxy far, far away…


Season of the Force Crowds

The first thing to know about Season of the Force is that the crowds are strong with this one! Even though the days of my Disneyland visit were predicted to have moderate attendance, Tomorrowland was packed from open to close, only becoming busier as the afternoon and evening continued. If you want to experience all the popular attractions that are part of Disneyland’s Season of the Force, get there at rope drop or be prepared to wait in line!

Daisy Lauren’s Best Week Ever: June 26, 2014

by on June 26, 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Best Week Ever here at Walt Disney World! This week we’re starting somewhere a little unconventional, an overpass leaving Disney property! This sunset was too amazing not to share, and this is truly how it looked. I just snapped the photo out my car window with a typical point and shoot camera. No editing wizardry here! Any week that starts like this has to be a good one, right?


Next, let’s head to Animal Kingdom for the bulk of our updates this week. First up is the new Macaw Fly Over. I didn’t go into this expecting a lot, but we totally loved the show. I’d go out of my way to see it. While it’s over quickly, it’s amazing to see all of those lovely birds flying together. I know my video can’t do it justice, but if you’ve never clicked on one of my videos this is the one to start with! Make sure you check this out on your next visit.

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Magic Kingdom Newsworthy Notes – 4/29/14

by on April 29, 2014

A few minor news pieces have crept across my desk recently that have to do with the Magic Kingdom that are of interest to many. Here’s what you should know:

First, there’s a very large media event taking place this week, which means it is going to impact some areas of the parks. Here’s what will impacted:

  • May 1 – The following locations will close at 5 p.m. to park guests:
    • Gaston’s Tavern
    • Bonjour! Village Gifts
    • Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid
    • Ariel’s Grotto
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Hundred Acre Goods
    • Storybook Treats
  • May 2 – There will be a delayed opening of Storybook Circus and parts of Tomorrowland:

Opening at 11 a.m.:

  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  • The Barnstormer
  • Pete’s Silly Sideshow
  • Big Top Souvenirs
  • Tomorrowland Speedway

Opening at 12:15 p.m.:

  • Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor

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April 2008 Crowd Calendar Updates

by on October 2, 2007

We’ve updated the crowd calendar with recommendations for April 2008.

UPDATED: Astro Orbitor Refurb in September

by on July 25, 2007

UPDATED: Date Change.

The Astro Orbiter will be Closed for Refurbishment September 9-22, 2007. (Previously scheduled for August 12-25, 2007.)