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10 Ways to Save Money Onboard Your Disney Cruise

by on October 10, 2013

Woo hoo! Everyone’s favorite topic – saving money! Last week I talked about how to save money when booking a Disney cruise, so today let’s talk about saving money once you board one of DCL’s amazing ships! 10 ways to save money onboard.

1. Don’t Buy Food Onboard – After 11 cruises, I have never spent a dime for food onboard. Oh wait! I lied. I did spend money on the adult restaurants. Totally by choice, totally worth it. Other than that, never a dime. Disney sells some packaged snacks outside the theaters and from room service, but those are so easy to avoid! There’s free food everywhere! You can do without M&M’s for a few days! Substitute free ice cream or room service in their place! Or veggies! Yes. I meant veggies. Similarly, if you get a soda from a bar or room service, they’re going to charge you. Don’t. Go up to the pool deck to get a soda to drink with your room service. Take a soda from up there into the theater. It’s that easy. You can also buy specialty coffees and smoothies, but again, free coffee is always available and free drinks are occasionally available (see #3 below)! If you do feel a need to buy a nice coffee, make sure you get a coffee card! You’ll get the sixth one free, even if it’s on your next cruise!

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