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Surrey Bike Rentals at Disney World

by on May 29, 2013

Not all the fun at Walt Disney World is found in the parks. A nice alternative form of recreation are the surrey bike rentals found at many of the moderate and deluxe resorts. Here’s what you need to know about renting a surrey.

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is a surrey bike?

Surrey bikes are multi-person pedaled conveyances. They look a bit like a golf cart, but powered by humans rather than a motor.


How many people can a surrey bike seat?

Disney offers different sizes of surrey bike rentals. Some are one-bench bikes built for two pedalers, some are two-bench bikes built for four pedalers, and some are three-bench Grand Surrey bikes built for six pedalers.

You can actually fit several more people on the bike than the number of pedalers. The bikes all have a front basket area which seats up to two small children, up to about age six or seven depending on their height. Additionally, each main bench seat of the bike can fit two adult-sized pedalers, plus a child or small adult. When my three children were small, we could fit our entire family of five in a two-pedal surrey bike. Now that my children are all teens, we would need a four-pedal bike.

My fellow Moms Panelist Darcie once got a total of ten people (which included several small children) on a three-bench bike.

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