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#AskIt Results: Best Disney World Water Park

by on June 28, 2017

Last week, we took a ride on the lazy river of your thoughts and asked “Which Walt Disney World water park is best?” This week the results are in and fairly decisive.

The votes are in!

Blizzard Beach – 39%

Typhoon Lagoon – 61%

The Disney water parks have a lot in common. Both are highly themed with slides and raft rides, kids areas, wave pools, and lazy rivers.

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#AskIt – Best Disney World Water Park

by on June 21, 2017

Maybe it’s because the summer heat is upon us. Maybe it’s because Volcano Bay may not be quite ready for primetime. But I’ve got water parks on the mind today. Disney has two highly themed ones for you to choose from, and they both have their advantages. So which do you prefer?

  • Typhoon Lagoon (64%, 271 Votes)
  • Blizzard Beach (36%, 153 Votes)

Total Voters: 424

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Please let us know your thoughts by voting and in the comments. Feel free to use the comments to wax poetic about River Country too!

Frozen Summer Games Returning to Blizzard Beach This Summer

by on April 17, 2017

Frozen Summer Games


Last year, Frozen fans could be found in droves at Disney’s Blizzard Beach taking part in the inaugural Frozen Summer Games. Well, this year, the festivities are once again taking place, meaning even more summer fun for the park, that is once again taking advantage of the freak snowstorm that has happened over Central Florida.

Beginning May 26 at the popular water park, Guests can join Team Olaf or Team Kristoff in a variety of fun activities including a Snowball Toss, Slide Races, Ski Pole Limbo and Ice Pail Relays. There will also be crafts, games, and yes, a DJ on hand throughout the day for Guests to enjoy.

Even better news is that this year, Guests will be able to meet and take photos with both Kristoff and Olaf! (This is the first time Guests will have the opportunity to meet Kristoff at Walt Disney World.)

Don’t delay though! The Frozen Summer Games are a limited time event and will end on August 13!


Disney’s Water Parks Testing Virtual Lines

by on March 29, 2017

Water Parks


Universal Orlando Resort is going to be doing it with Volcano Bay, so it was only a matter of time before Disney tried their hand at virtual lines. The Walt Disney World water parks, both Disney’s Blizzard Beach and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon are currently testing a virtual line queuing system until April 7.

Guests who visit the water parks will be able to reserve a place in line for specific attractions and will not have to physically wait in said line. Instead, they can go ahead and do something else. When their time to ride the attraction is ready, they will then be able to do so with a minimal wait.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Guests are given a printed card with a rubber band, making the whole thing wearable. Guests are given a 15 minute time window with which to return to ride the attraction.

This test is currently taking place at Blizzard Beach on Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher, and Downhill Double Dipper and at the all-new Miss Adventure Falls attraction at Typhoon Lagoon.

This current test is not connected to FastPass+, therefore, you cannot book reserved times ahead of your vacation via the My Disney Experience app.





Change in Wheelchair Rentals Now Offered at Disney’s Water Parks

by on August 23, 2016

Water Parks - Typhoon Lagoon


It appears that Disney is making a change to their wheelchair rentals that are available at their water parks. These rentals, which are available at Singapore Sal’s at Typhoon Lagoon and at the Beach Haus at Blizzard Beach, will now cost $12 a day. It is also required that Guests leave a $100 refundable deposit which will be returned upon the return of the rental. This wheelchair rental is able to be transferable across the parks, with a receipt, as long as they are available.

This change is being done in an effort to align with the options available at Guest Services found at Disney’s theme parks, at Disney Springs, and at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

In addition to wheelchairs, a limited number of ECV rentals will continue to be available for $50 with a $100 refundable deposit.

Make sure to keep this change in mind should you need to rent a wheelchair at one of Disney’s water parks going forward.


The Frozen Games to Begin May 27 at Blizzard Beach

by on May 3, 2016



The Summer Olympics may be taking place in Rio, but The Frozen Games will be taking place at Walt Disney World’s Blizzard Beach this summer, beginning on May 27!

Wait…what on earth are The Frozen Games? Well, The Winter Games Committee has taken advantage of the freak snowstorm that happened over Central Florida at the popular water park. Here, they will be hosting an impromptu sporting event called The Frozen Games, which will feature Olaf and Kristoff hosting impromptu sporting events full of friendly and fun competitions for all to enjoy.

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Enjoy the Frozen Games at Blizzard Beach This Summer

by on March 2, 2016


©Rikki Niblett

In Summer, Guests will be able to participate in the inaugural Frozen Games at Blizzard Beach! (I can hear the trumpets blaring now!) The Winter Games Committee has taken advantage of the freak snowstorm that happened over Central Florida at the popular water park where they will be hosting an impromptu sporting event called The Frozen Games.

The Frozen Games will feature Olaf and Kristoff hosting impromptu sporting events full of friendly and fun competitions for all to enjoy. Guests will be able to choose to join “Team Olaf” or “Team Kristoff” in activities like Ice Pail Relays, a Snowball Toss, Ski Pole Limbo, and Slide Races.

Olaf and Kristoff will also join The Winter Games Committee in taking part in the games’ Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The committee will also give updates throughout the games to report on their team’s accomplishments.

This sounds like a great experience and I have to say, it’s the perfect tie-in for Blizzard Beach!


Disney Park Strengths and Weaknesses: Typhoon Lagoon

by on January 14, 2016


Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Are you a Disney Park critic? I know, it’s hard to be critical of anything Disney (at least I think so), but even I have to admit that I’ve experienced a few things that some parks don’t do as well as others. For today, I’m breaking down the Disney Park Strengths and Weaknesses of not just a theme park, but a water park! Yes, I’m wearing shades and dreaming of the waves as I analyze the Disney Park strengths and weaknesses of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

Typhoon Lagoon first opened to guests in 1989 and is still famous to this day for its Surf Pool, which is the largest in North America and which boasts up to 6-foot waves! In true Disney fashion, Typhoon Lagoon has a theme and a story which is that a tropical typhoon tossed a tropical paradise upside down and left it rather windblown. This is why the buildings lean and the shrimp boat, “Miss Tilly,” is resting precariously on the peak of Mount Mayday!

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon has 11 attractions, ranging from a themed play area for kids to enclosed water slides to Shark Reef where guests can snorkel among stingrays, tropical fish, and sharks!

Let’s start with Typhoon Lagoon’s strengths!


Crush n’ Gusher!


Crush n’ Gusher – This Typhoon Lagoon attraction is Disney’s first and only water coaster! The story behind this coaster is that, before the typhoon, it was once a fruit processing plant and the slides or “chutes” once washed the fruit before it was packaged. There are three different chutes, each with their own ride experience! There’s the Banana Blaster which can have up to two riders, and then the Coconut Crusher and Pineapple Plunger which both can have up to three! This water coaster is a real strength for Typhoon Lagoon in that it provides that thrill factor, plus multiple experiences at one attraction. Note: Guests must be 48 inches to ride.

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Selfie Sticks Now Banned Across Walt Disney World Property

by on June 26, 2015


©Seth Kubersky

Due to safety concerns, selfie sticks (the extendable poles where you can attach a phone or a camera to the end) are now banned property-wide across the Walt Disney World Resort. This means you cannot use them at the theme parks, the water parks or DisneyQuest Interactive Theme Park. This new rule will go into effect on June 30.

Guests who attempt to bring selfie sticks into the park will be stopped at bag check and they will be escorted to Guest Relations where the device will be tagged and the Guest will be given a claim ticket to retrieve it upon exit. For those who get caught using a selfie stick in a park, a Cast Member will escort the guest to a regional Guest Relations area where the device will be tagged and a claim ticket will be given to the guest. Again, the Guest will be able to claim their selfie stick as they exit.

All guests must relinquish their selfie sticks, they cannot simply put them away if a Cast Member approaches them about it.

Recently, Disney banned selfie sticks on attractions, however, it seems that more drastic measures needed to be taken regarding these devices.

What are your thoughts on the ban? Do you think it’s a good idea or were you a fan of the selfie stick?

Disney Savvy Tips for Blizzard Beach

by on April 22, 2015


In addition to four theme parks, the Walt Disney World Resort also offers two water parks: Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Both of these water parks boast unique themes and, in true Disney fashion, a great story! Blizzard Beach, however, just may have the craziest story in water park history. The legend states that a freak blizzard hit Central Florida and so a ski resort was quickly built; but when the Florida sunshine reappeared, the snow began to melt turning ski runs into water slides and snow drifts into refreshing pools. So instead of a ski resort, we now have Blizzard Beach, a whimsical, wintry water park where you swim among snow drifts and shop for beach towels in ski chalets! So if you’re considering a visit to this popular water park, check out these Disney Savvy Tips for Blizzard Beach to make your day as magical as possible.

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