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TradNation Debut at Epcot’s Canada Pavilion

by on January 16, 2016

Entertainment in Epcot‘s World Showcase has gone through a tremendous evolution in recent years, and Canada’s Mill Stage has been an epicenter of that overhaul. It seems like only yesterday that we bid a sad farewell to Off Kilter, the long-running Celtic rock band, and welcomed (so to speak) the log-rolling Lumberjack show. Now the Lumberjacks are also long gone, and following a festive seasonal appearance by the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs, Epcot’s Canada pavilion has premiered another new act, which will fill the stage for at least the new few months. Even though they don’t even appear on park maps yet, we were at Epcot on January 15, 2016, to watch TradNation debut and capture their opening-day performance for you to enjoy at home.

TradNation debut epcot

TradNation has taken over Epcot’s Canada stage. (Photos/video by Seth Kubersky)


TradNation is an acoustic musical ensemble that plays Québécois folk songs with traditional orchestrations. That means a whole lot of fingerpicking, fiddlin’, flute playing, and French lyrics, with percussion provided by a spirited step-dancer’s clacking feet. Even if you aced your high school French class, you may struggle to understand the singers’ Acadian-accented patois, but the humble joy they take in sharing their musical heritage is infectious in any language.

Much like the similar Quickstep folk band in the U.K., the TradNation entertainers feel authentic to the point of lacking the polish and stage presence we usually associate with a Disney theme park show; we’re not looking for matching spangled outfits, but this group looks like they just rolled out of Tim Horton’s.


Here’s our full video of a TradNation debut day performance:

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Disney Cruise Line Returns to New York City in 2016

by on May 18, 2015

Thank you to Tammy Whiting for the heads up on this:

Good news, East Coasters – Disney Cruise Line will have sailings out of New York City to Canada and the Bahamas in 2016 on the Magic.

I was lucky enough to catch the Canada itinerary the last time Disney had it, and loved the change of scenery. If you’re looking for something new on DCL, and Alaska or Europe are too far or too much money (in my case – both!), this is a great option to consider.

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25 Drinks of Christmas Countdown – Day 19: La Fin du Monde Ale in Epcot

by on December 19, 2014

The Christmas season is my absolute favorite time of the year. Growing up, one of the little things I loved most was getting an Advent calendar and counting down the days until Santa would be coming down the chimney. As I grew older, I had to leave Advent calendars in the rear view mirror,* but I still miss that daily countdown building anticipation to the big day. So, we’re going to start a virtual Advent calendar here at TouringPlans. For 2014, we are going to countdown our favorite drinks at Walt Disney World and the Universal Orlando Resort.

Criteria: Drinks can be alcoholic or nonalcoholic. Drinks can come from any venue on property as well as the Disney Cruise Line. Bonus points awarded for atmosphere where drink is served. Any drink with glow cubes is immediately disqualified. Ready? Let’s go!

DAY NINETEEN: La Fin du Monde Ale at the Canada Pavilion (Epcot)


A La Fin du Monde in front of the Hotel du Canada in Epcot. (photo by Brandon Glover


La Fin du Monde is a beer for people who enjoy their beer. With a 9% ABV, La Fin du Monde packs a punch, but is light enough and full of flavor so that you are not overwhelmed. It is a Belgian Trappist-style tripel beer, with aeromatic hints of apple and clove. The taste is champagne-like, with flavors of light bananas, pear, cinnamon, and orange peel. While La Fin du Monde is available at several locations on WDW property, there’s only one place for us, the outdoor beer cart at the Canada Pavilion in Epcot. Why? La Fin du Monde is the premier beer from one of Canada’s most famous craft breweries, and is hard to find out draught even outside of Walt Disney World. So what could be better than enjoying one in it’s native county?  We love to mix it up when Drinking Around The World, as there are so many unique and interesting options across World Showcase, but trust us when we say to order the La Fin du Monde over the LaBatt Blue in Canada each and every time.

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Noshing Around World Showcase – Snacks from Canada

by on August 3, 2014

Epcot is well known for having the largest variety of options for dining at Walt Disney World, especially around the World Showcase. However. we are focusing on the snacking options in each of the countries. So let’s head back to Epcot and see what we can find!

A blue arrow pointing the way to Epcot, Instead of drinking around the world, we are snacking around the world!

A blue arrow pointing the way to Epcot

We started in Japan, and tried rice crackers and red bean paste buns. After really enjoying the rice crackers, I am looking forward to trying something else. Next, let’s try to see what we can find to try in Canada, home of the really popular cheddar cheese soup.

Before we head to to Canada, let’s review:

Snack Rules

  • No snacks over $10; preferably less than $5
  • As unusual as possible
  • Something I personally would eat

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A Trip Around The World: Canada

by on March 10, 2014

This is it! The grand finale we’ve all been waiting for, Canada! I have to tell you guys I’m a little sad to see it end, but I’m so excited to show you the Canada pavilion! If you haven’t been able to join us until now, why not take a look at Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, ItalyAmericaJapanMoroccoFrance, and the United Kingdom? You can take a world tour and still be home in time for dinner! (Anyone who caught that obscure Muppets reference, please leave a comment. We should really be best friends.)


I always like to start with a wide shot of the land, but if you were leaving the United Kingdom and heading towards Canada, the view wouldn’t be quite so glamorous. You’d come to the park entrance to the old Millennium Village. This area hasn’t been open to the average guest since 2001, and it’s now used mostly for convention space and private events. The photo below gives you a peek at what it looks like inside today.

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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! November 2013 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

by on November 29, 2013

MMM positiveToday is not just any day. Today is Black Friday. The official beginning to the Christmas shopping season. A day of bargains, lines, and absolute terror excitement. There couldn’t be a better day to lather ourselves up in pixie dust, strap on our Jessie cowgirl hat, and put on our Mickey Mouse “Hang Loose” shirt as we head out for our monthly photo report of the Disney Outlet Store.

You may remember last month that the outlet stores started selling 2013 merchandise at a deep discount, and this month a whole bunch of 2013 branded items joined the clearance rack including pins, graduation hats, basketballs, and laptop covers.



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