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7 Ways to Thank a Disney World Cast Member

by on November 22, 2017

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, we thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on how thankful we are for Disney Cast Members. While most of us will pass the holiday with our family and friends, gorging on food and watching too much television, many of them will spend their day at work, keeping thousands of guests safe and happy. And it’s not just during the holidays. Whether it’s a beautifully sunny day or the day a hurricane is forecasted to arrive, Cast Members are always there to keep the magic alive. I’m sure anyone who has vacationed at Disney World had at least one memorable experience with a Cast Member, if not more. So for the next time you’re at Walt Disney World, here are seven ways to thank a Walt Disney World Cast Member.

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Decoding Disney World Name Tags

by on December 2, 2014

Disney World Name Tag

Disney World Name Tag

My most exciting moment becoming a Cast Member was receiving my Walt Disney World name tag. I had been taught since I was little to seek out those white ovals for help and I was proud to wear one myself. You will probably see hundreds of these name tags during your vacation and it turns out there’s a lot you can learn from pausing to take a look.

Let’s start with the basics. A Walt Disney World nametag will always be placed on a Cast Member’s top left side, over the heart. The name is featured prominently in center, with the Cast Member’s hometown listed below. Cast Members love meeting people from our hometowns, so make sure to say hi if you see a familiar place.

Learning and Training

When a Cast Member is being trained, a red ribbon that reads “Earning My Ears” will be attached to their name tag. They will have a trainer with them; the trainers wear Jiminy Cricket pins over their nametag. Be extra kind to these Cast Members—they’re still learning.

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Disney World: Getting the Most of Cast Members

by on August 17, 2014

What do the following three questions have in common?

Tinkerbell in a thoughtful moment. Photo by Thomas Cook

Tinkerbell in a thoughtful moment. Photo by Thomas Cook

  • Is the rain real?
  • Is Mickey Mouse a cat or a dog?
  • What time is the Three O’clock Parade?

Answer: They are all questions I was asked as a Walt Disney World cast member.

I hope it’s clear that these questions are not exactly the best questions to ask a cast member. I don’t mean to imply anything about the guests who asked these questions, especially since the parade question is one I got asked once a week or so over a number of years.

This article is not about questionable questions. It’s about how you should ask cast members about park information. It seems like a simple issue, but any longtime cast member will tell you their many stories of frustrating guests and their questions.

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Cast Couture: Costumes of Epcot’s World Showcase

by on December 2, 2013

Thanks to your comments on my recent post about the costumes of the Magic Kingdom, I decided to take this idea around the world. As always, if you’re a cast member pictured here and you’d prefer that I not use your image please leave a comment below and I will remove your photo. But I’m sure everyone will agree all the ladies of the World Showcase look beautiful!! Let’s get started with Mexico.

I almost didn’t ask to take this photo. It was a little awkward since I had to lean over the rail of the walkway and ask her to get up from her work. But I saw the opportunity for framing the photo with all of her hand painted art, which was lovely. I love the vibrant and relaxed costumes in Mexico! You’ll notice that I only took photos of the ladies in this one. That is because especially around the World Showcase I think the girls have the better costumes. Maybe I can go back and visit the guys if anyone has interest?


In Norway the costumes are certainly a bit more tailored. For some reason this costume always makes me think of Christmas! Does anyone else agree? These outfits certainly fit in with the heavy, rich woods of the Norway pavilion. They are beautiful but I don’t know that I would want to be wearing them in our brutal Florida summers! (Of course, I doubt they have that problem in the real Norway!)

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Cast Couture: Costumes of the Magic Kingdom

by on November 18, 2013

Recently, I was strolling through the Magic Kingdom, and I spotted the new Fantasyland costumes that the cast were wearing near Princess Fairytale Hall. I was totally in love – everyone looked like royalty! That gave me an idea to take a look at more of the costumes of the Magic Kingdom and share them with you here. Housekeeping first: if you’re a cast member pictured here and you’d prefer that I not use your image please leave a comment below and I will remove your photo. I was planning to crop out all the faces but everyone looks so neat and pretty! It seemed like a shame to miss all those smiles. Now, let’s get started with Main Street, U.S.A.

IMG_5786 IMG_5783 IMG_5782

When you first enter the Magic Kingdom on the left hand side I’m sure you’ll remember the smell of fresh popped, buttery popcorn. I never paid attention to the costume of the person working that cart but the day I was researching this article she just happened to be in front of the cart. It was so sunny that day I don’t think the photo does the outfit justice – but she totally caught my eye! The costume is really adorable with light blue and pink plaid, not to mention that sassy hat. Moving along down Main Street you’ll notice more muted plaid costumes in the shops that seem appropriate for the time period of the land.

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WDW Cast Members Celebrate 11th Anniversary of Encore with “The Art of the Possible”

by on July 15, 2013


Director Clay Price leading the choir in rehearsals

Disney cast members are currently busy in preparation to put on Encore’s 11th annual concert, this year entitled “The Art of the Possible”, premiering in two weeks. The concert will feature the music of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote such hits as Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and Evita.

Encore! Cast Performing Arts is a completely volunteer-based entertainment powerhouse that incorporates choir, orchestra, acting, dancing and color guard into an evening of magic that is sure to move you. The group was founded in 2002 by only a handful of cast members but has since expanded to more than 500 members, earning collectively over $175,000 to date for charity. All the proceeds of each concert goes to benefits a cause chosen by its members, and this year’s charity is A Gift for Music. This program offers exposure to stringed instrument instruction to underprivileged elementary students.

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