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Ask It Results: Disney Cruise without Castaway Cay?

by on January 10, 2018

They say that the best way to get over the withdrawal after coming back from a cruise is to write a blog post about a survey on cruises, right? Okay, I’m pretty sure no one actually says that, but at least writing about this gives me a chance to look at photos of Castaway Cay and daydream about my next Disney cruise. One of the key differences that Disney stresses about their cruises is time on the private island of Castaway Cay. Everyone knows that Disney cruises are more expensive than many other lines, and part of the value added is that special stop. For many people, saving money on a Disney cruise is highly desirable, but is it worth it to skip Castaway Cay if you got a discount? Last week, we asked you:

If you could book a Caribbean/Bahamas Disney cruise at a discount of 20-30% off, but that cruise did NOT include a stop at Castaway Cay, would you book that cruise?

Here’s your results:

Yes (525 votes, 51%)

As you can see, it was a fairly clean split.

For almost everyone, Castaway Cay is a highlight of the cruise. But a savings is a savings, and for some people a 20-30% discount might be the choice between going for a 4-night cruise instead of a 3-night cruise, or going on a cruise versus not going on a cruise. There are also people who aren’t big fans of beaches. For my family, we tend to spend a couple hours on the island and then the rest of the day on the ship. Having an extra sea day instead of Castaway Cay day wouldn’t be the end of the world for us, especially with lots of activities on board ship. For some people, it’s a decent tradeoff, especially when you know that certain times of year the weather can be less than ideal, and it is possible the ship may not be able to dock during high winds anyhow, or it may be rainy all day.


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Disney Cruise Line Preview — Week of January 6, 2018

by on January 5, 2018

The Disney Cruise Line Preview is brought to you by Storybook Destinations. Storybook Destinations specializes in Disney travel, is consistently highly rated by our readers, and is owned by our own blogger extraordinaire, Tammy Whiting. Storybook also offers free subscriptions to TouringPlans to clients with qualified bookings.

Ahoy, mateys! I’m Heather, and I’ll be bringing you the up and coming on all things Disney Cruise Line. Welcome back again this week. Let’s see what’s new in the DCL world.

Ports of Call


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Ask It: Disney Cruise without Castaway Cay?

by on January 3, 2018

Ah, there’s very little in the world that beats a Disney Cruise for rest and relaxation. One of the highlights for cruises that hit the Caribbean or the Bahamas is a stop at Castaway Cay. This tropical paradise is a hideaway with gentle breezes, crystal blue waters, and fun in the sun. It is part of the reason why some people pay a premium for a Disney cruise. While other cruise lines may have their own cruise line-owned getaways, Castaway Cay certainly has its own fans.

Although there are plenty of amazing Disney cruises that don’t stop at Castaway Cay (such as cruises to Alaska or around Europe), and even though there are times when docking at Castaway Cay is not possible due to weather conditions, we’re wondering if a discount on a Disney Cruise would be worth it if that cruise skipped Castaway Cay. Our question this week is:

If you could book a Caribbean/Bahamas Disney Cruise at a discount of 20-30% off, but that cruise did NOT include a stop at Castaway Cay, would you book that cruise?

  • Yes (52%, 200 Votes)
  • No (48%, 188 Votes)

Total Voters: 388

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The poll is live here and on Twitter, and we’ll have your results next week. In the meantime, what’s your favorite part of Castaway Cay? Let us know in the comments.



Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever October 1, 2015: Six Things to Do During a Transatlantic Disney Cruise

by on October 1, 2015

Transatlantic Disney cruise

What do you do with all those sea days once you’ve sailed past the Rock of Gibraltar on a Transatlantic Disney Cruise? You have the Best Week Ever! (photos by Seth Kubersky)

Howdy folks, I just swam in from Spain and boy, are my arms tired! <Rimshot> If you follow the Touring Plans twitter feed, you are probably fully aware of — if not fed up with — my just-completed voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on the Disney Magic. The 11-day journey was certainly a Best Week Ever and a half, but I’m certain some of you are wondering how you can spend 6 straight sea days stuck in a giant floating hotel without jumping overboard. I had some apprehension before going aboard about being away from dry land for so many days in a row, but now I’m wishing the Disney Cruise Line had cruises to nowhere out of Canaveral, because my week on the water was more wonderful than any port of call (with the possible exception of Castaway Cay), thanks to the jam-packed schedule of activities and events and events you’ll find exclusively on DCL repositioning routes and other extended oceanic cruises. So, at the risk of stealing Derek Burgan‘s gimmick, here are my top six ways to while away your sea days during a Transatlantic Disney Cruise.


6. See a Movie or Twenty

Who wants to spend an expensive cruise inside a movie theater? I do! If you love Disney, you probably love movies, and there are few movie theaters on land that can compete with the Disney Magic’s Buena Vista Theatre. Over our 11 day journey, we averaged two movies a day, many in eye-popping Dolby Digital 3-D (the same system used in Star Tours and Escape From Gringotts, and far brighter and sharper than any multiplex) including Avengers: Age of Ultron Inside Out, and Ant-Man.


The highlight of the cruise’s cinema schedule was the multi-day marathon of the first six Star Wars films. Though screened in release order rather than episode or Machete order, these were the most recent versions created for the Blu-Ray release projected in stunning ultra-high-definition, making it the best presentation of the classic movies I’ve seen since ’77.

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What I Wish I Knew Before My Day at Castaway Cay

by on July 22, 2015

Greetings from Paradise!

Greetings from Paradise!

So I have a confession to make… I recently took my very first Disney Cruise! It was a 3-night Bahamian Cruise aboard the Disney Dream with stops at both Nassau and Castaway Cay; and yes, for those of you who are wondering, I was completely enchanted with Castaway Cay! It was the icing on the cake of my Disney Cruise experience and I’m already trying to figure out how to get back as soon as possible.

I have already shared What I Wish I Knew Before My Disney Cruise for my fellow cruising rookies; but this article is all about What I Wish I Knew Before My Day at Castaway Cay for those who have yet to experience island paradise Disney style!

Now, for those of you who don’t know about Castaway Cay, let me fill you in. Castaway Cay is Disney’s own private island in the Bahamas. This means it was designed for Disney Cruise Line guests only and a Disney Cruise is the only way you can get there. Cool, right? The island is truly paradise, the closest thing we can have to Neverland in reality, and is packed with things to do or places where you can do nothing at all. I’m also happy to report that Disney’s excellent service, detail, and sense of magic is alive and well here as well, just in case you theme park regulars were doubtful.

Now let’s get to the info, shall we?

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What I Wish I Knew Before My Disney Cruise

by on July 3, 2015


The Disney Dream at Castaway Cay… Perfection.

Several weeks ago, I took my very first Disney Cruise! I had debated whether or not to try out the Disney Cruise Line for years, as I am one of those people who likes to go 12 hours straight at Disney World and wasn’t sure if I could handle being confined to a single ship. But after hearing so many glowing reports about the Disney Cruise Line from other Disney fans, I decided to take the plunge with a 3-Night Bahamian Cruise on the Disney Dream with stops in Nassau and Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. So how was it? Let’s just say that I’m already looking at booking my next cruise! But I have to admit, as a cruising newbie, there were a few things that I had to figure out during my incredible 3 days aboard the Disney Dream; and while I have very few, if any, complaints I still couldn’t help but think on what I wish I knew before my Disney Cruise that would’ve made things a little easier.

So if you’re planning your first Disney Cruise, or it’s been awhile since you cruised with Mickey and the gang, here’s a few things that I wish I knew before my Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream. Bon Voyage!

Animator's Palate onboard the Disney Dream

Animator’s Palate onboard the Disney Dream

1. Your Dining Rotation is on Your Key to the World Card – Your Key to the World Card is the most important item you will have on your cruise. Not only is it the key to your stateroom, it’s needed to get on and off the ship and tells you which muster station to report to. What I didn’t know before my cruise was that the three capital letters printed at the bottom of the card were my restaurant schedule for the cruise. For example, my card had AER printed next to my dining time. Maybe you fellow cruisers are smarter than me, but I had no idea what that meant! As it turned out, the first letter stood for Animator’s Palette, where I was scheduled to eat the first night on board. The second stood for the Enchanted Garden and the third for the Royal Palace.

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Why This Disney World Regular Wants to Go on a Disney Cruise

by on March 25, 2015


The Disney Dream

Disney World is my favorite place on earth and I love to visit as much as I can. There’s plenty to do with four theme parks, two water parks, a shopping district, and a number of incredibly themed resorts; but this Disney World Regular has her eye set on another Disney vacation for her next trip: a Disney Cruise! I have wanted to experience the Disney Cruise Line for years; but I must admit, I’m not much of a beach person and when having to choose between Disney World and a Disney Cruise, Disney World has always won out. But lately, I’ve learned a lot more about the Disney Cruise Line and have actually booked my first Disney Cruise on the Disney Dream for this summer! So keep reading to find out why this Disney World Regular wants to go on a Disney Cruise.

Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay (Photo Courtesy of

To Visit Castaway Cay: For anyone who knows about Castaway Cay, this should be an easy one. I mean, it’s Disney’s own private island! Who wouldn’t want to go there? The Disney Cruise Line ships are able to pull right up to the island and enjoy designated beaches: the Family Beach, Serenity Bay Beach for adults, and even a beach area reserved just for teens. There are characters, places to eat, shops, water play areas, and the chance to experience Port Adventures, otherwise known as excursions. Just a few things to do on Castaway Cay include biking, glass bottom boats, snorkeling, parasailing, and even the chance to run the Castaway Cay 5-K. Basically, Castaway Cay sounds like a real life Neverland where there’s something for everyone and every preference, but all with the Disney touch. Want to know more? Check out how to have the perfect day at Castaway Cay.

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How to Have a Perfect Day at Castaway Cay

by on February 6, 2015

It’s the most loved port for any Bahamian or Caribbean journey aboard Disney Cruise Line. Disney’s very own private island is touted as Shangri La or Neverland and I have to say, I agree. A Disney Cruise is magical on its own, but a visit to Castaway Cay makes the experience truly enchanting. After over ten visits to this paradise of an island, I’ve developed my own routine and experienced many of the wonders around the island to know how to make a perfect day at Castaway Cay.

Let me start by saying up front that the perfect day at Disney’s private island is going to be a little different for each person. A family traveling with young children will have a different itinerary than a family with teens, and of course adults on their own will have a whole different agenda. But, the basic principles are the same.


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10 Reasons a Cabana on Castaway Cay is Worth Trying to Get

by on December 18, 2014

If you’ve been lucky enough to score a cabana on Castaway Cay when your Disney Cruise Line vacation stops at their little slice of paradise in the Bahamas, you can skip this blog post and go on to the next one. I’m betting you know how amazing they are and already know everything I’m about to say. If, however, you are on the fence about getting one, this post is for you!

First I’ll give you the bad news. The cabanas are expensive! $549 for 6 guests at the family beach and $399 for four guests at the adult beach, Serenity Bay. You can add 4 more guests at the family beach, or two at the adult beach. Each additional guest will cost $50. If that didn’t scare you off, here’s more bad news. They’re almost impossible to get! Concierge guests usually snatch these up before most guests ever get a shot at them. That should tell you something about how awesome they are though! They do show up for everyone else from time to time though! People cancel their cruise, change their minds on cabanas, etc. So if you want one, keep trying! And here are some reasons why you should.

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Disney Cruise Line: RunDisney Castaway Cay 5K Photo Report

by on November 12, 2014

My recent sailing on the Disney Wonder brought with it several surprises, the biggest of which – for me – was biting the bullet and signing up for my first official runDisney event, the Castaway Cay 5k. I had no plans to participate in the event before the cruise, as it would clearly cut into my buffet time, but when researching a Castaway Cay 5k question from a TouringPlans reader, I temporarily lost my mind and signed up for the race. I will now present a gripping tale of human triumph and the 100% totally true story of how one man overcame all obstacles, including Mother Nature herself, to take home the elusive Castaway Cay 5k medal.


Castaway Cay 5k bibs.

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