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SATURDAY SIX: Six Disneyland Snacks You Gotta Try

by on December 3, 2016

This week’s SATURDAY SIX takes a look at Six Disneyland Snacks You Gotta Try! Longtime readers of the SATURDAY SIX know that we have a big case of the munchies going on 24/7. In fact, because of the articles on The 10 Gallon Challenge at Whispering Canyon and the E-Ticket milkshakes at Universal’s Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, this fine blog series is now the third leading cause of adult onset diabetes in America (and look out soda, we’re coming for you!) This week however we are gonna head across the country over to Guy Selga’s neck of the woods and check out the tasty treats at the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Despite having only two parks compared to our four here in Florida, the Disneyland resort is chock full of incredibly unique and delicious items that you can only get out in California. This week we are going to look at six of our absolute favorite snacks, so sit back, loosen your belt a couple notches, and let’s begin our list with…

# 6 Matterhorn Macaroon


The Matterhorn Macaroon in front of the fabled Matterhorn itself. (photo by Brandon Glover)

If you go to Disneyland and don’t stop by the Jolly Holiday Bakery to get a Matterhorn Macaroon, you’re doing it wrong. A coconut macaroon shaped like the iconic Disney mountain, topped with white chocolate, and sprinkled with powdered sugar on top for an awesome snow-like appearance, the Matterhorn Macaroon is ultimate in synergy between theme park attractions and snacks. Oh, and it just so happens to taste GREAT.

# 5 – Mickey Beignets


Mickey Beignet. (photo by Megan Stump)

Eventually we’ll be doing a blog on our favorite Mickey shaped food items, but one of our favorites is the sugary concoction found at the Mint Julep Bar or Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square (the latter of which serves them with dipping sauces.) We often find ourselves stopping by Port Orleans French Quarter just to grab some beignets here in Florida, so seeing them in the classic Mickey shape in Anaheim brings two of our favorite things together in one. Now that’s synergy we can get behind. Even better, Disneyland also offers flavored beignets such as pumpkin spice during Halloween and peppermint for the Christmas season.

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Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs: The 30-Dish 3-Hour $600 Dinner Review

by on October 19, 2015

Summary If you’re reading this to decide whether to eat at Morimoto, go ahead and make a reservation now. While it’s not Nobu or Morimoto Philadelphia, there’s a lot to like, at moderate prices. Order the Peking duck for the table.

Most people know chef Masaharu Morimoto from his time on the Iron Chef television shows.  Others through his tenure at New York’s Nobu in the late 1990’s, or from his own chain of restaurants since 2001. Those places serve high-end, modern Japanese cuisine, at equally high prices – ordering the full omakase (chef’s choice) dinner can easily set you back $150 per person. We’ve done it several times, and it’s worth every penny.

Those prices wouldn’t fly at Disney Springs, and “modern Japanese” might be too narrow a focus for the Disney World tourist market. That’s why the menu at Morimoto Asia is pan-Asian, with dishes from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand available, at a median entree price of around $15.

It’s a huge menu, too – more than 30 appetizers and 25 entrees to choose from.  To cover as much of the menu as possible, some friends joined me for a 9 PM dinner reservation last Saturday night: our own Erin, Beci from MEI/Mousefan Travel, the lovely and talented Scarlett, and two of my favorite Disney food reviewers, Kendra and Mark. Kendra and Mark have two of the most descriptive culinary vocabularies I know, and I think you’ll enjoy what they have to say.

A couple of us had already been to Morimoto Asia, and together we brought 6 pages of research to the start of dinner. That research included everything from the typical seasonings in Shrimp Har-Gao (sesame oil, scallions, and soy), to the proper way to prepare L.A. BBQ Kalbi (marinated, thin cuts, across the bone, cooked fast, in 2- to 5-inch segments easily eaten with chopsticks), to the dark magic that makes Peking Duck so delicious (a 72-hour process involving a maltose-and-soy glaze).

One good thing I’ll say right up front: Every single dish we tried – all 30 of them – was prepared correctly, in the right style and at the right temperature. We may have wanted more spice in some things, or slightly different flavors or ingredients, but the kitchen seems to have got things down pat, right from the start.

To make it easy for you to find the best food, I’m going to organize our ratings into 3 categories:

  • Things We Loved
  • Things That Were Okay
  • Things We Wouldn’t Order Again (a very short list)

Each dish has its own set of comments, which I’ll keep anonymous. Also, I apologize for the lack of photos. I was trying to do this without attracting management’s attention – they started following me on Twitter a couple days after I made our reservation – and 6 people taking flash pictures of half the menu would look suspicious.

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A Disney World Foodie’s Impression of Dining at Disneyland

by on October 18, 2015

I have a confession: I am a Disney World Foodie. A huge part of my Walt Disney World Vacation planning process revolves around making dining reservations and deciding what new treats or new restaurants to check out. But when I visited Disneyland for the very first time, I quickly learned that dining at Disneyland is a little different than what I was used to, or what I expected. So read on to get a Disney World Foodie’s impression of dining at Disneyland!


My first Disneyland Churro. Milestones, folks.

Churros Galore

They. Are. Everywhere. Seriously! There seemed to be a Churro Cart everywhere I looked during my time at Disneyland and this sweet and crunchy treat seemed to be as much a part of the Disneyland food culture as Dole Whips and Mickey Premium Bars. Now there are Churros at Walt Disney World, but they are few and far between, and I had never tried one myself. So…of course I had to get one to see what I had been missing and to complete my West Coast Disney Park experience. In Fantasyland, I forked over a few bucks at a cart, bit into my Churro, and discovered that they are sugary, crunchy, but somewhat soft in the middle, and the more I ate the more I liked! A few minutes later, there was nothing left but the paper and a thin layer of cinnamon and sugar on my shirt. Regrets? None.

No Need for ADRs

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SATURDAY SIX: The Top Six Iconic Snacks at the Magic Kingdom

by on November 30, 2013

SS_CastleThis week’s SATURDAY SIX looks at the Top Six Iconic Snacks at the Magic Kingdom. Regular readers of the Saturday Six know that we love eating and drinking at the theme parks. From outrageous snacks like the Chocolate Allspark at Transformers: The Ride-3D, to signature drinks like the Flaming Moe, to a meal at the Three Broomsticks, we’re constantly on the look out for new food an drink options. But sometimes we want our old standbys… our long time favorites… the snacks which evoke memories of trips gone by and remind us of why we became fans of theme parks in the first place. The Mecca for these snacks is, of course, the Magic Kingdom.

Now it seems that pretty much everyone has an absolute favorite snack at the Magic Kingdom, but today we’re going to eschew newer snacks such as the Mickey Pretzel, LeFou’s Brew, and the incredible cup cakes and focus on the six most iconic snacks. Without further ado, let’s start the list!

# 6 – The Mickey Bar


The Mickey Bar

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The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! August 2013 Photo Report of the Disney Outlet Store

by on August 27, 2013

MMM_LogoWe all have our favorite stores in the Walt Disney World parks and resorts to get our fill of merchandise. Whether it’s Once Upon a Toy in Downtown Disney, Mouse Gear in Epcot, or the Ink & Paint Shop at the Art of Animation Resort, it’s not that hard finding a gift shop filled to the brim with the latest Disney vinylmation, t-shirts, and plushes. But did you know that there is a place where all the merchandise Disney has a hard time selling ends up? A magical store filled with discount prices and Disney-related items that even Guy Selga wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole? Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Orlando’s Disney Outlet Stores: Disney’s Character Warehouse.

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