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Club 33 Is Coming to Walt Disney World

by on April 13, 2017

©Rikki Niblett

Have you ever wished you could join Club 33, but traveled more frequently to Walt Disney World than Disneyland? Well, it appears that now, not only will you have one, but you’ll soon have four different versions of Club 33 at the Walt Disney World Resort.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, versions of Club 33 will be built at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As of right now, details about this project are still very sketchy. We do not know where exactly Club 33 will be built inside the four theme parks, and we have no idea how much it will cost to join the club. (I’m gonna expect it’ll be pricey!) However, one thing is for sure – getting to experience Club 33 is on many Disney fans’ bucket lists, and it looks like Disney is attempting to make it a little bit easier for those of us on the East Coast to mark it off our lists. (Or I should say easier for those who have the cash?)

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#TBT: Club 33 Before the Renovation

by on July 24, 2014

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, at least I hope Kylene Hamulak thinks so! I loved her throw back Thursday article so much I decided to share one of my own. This time visiting Disneyland’s Club 33 before the much debated renovation. I thought now was a great time to preserve the information in case the club emerges nothing like it was in the past. Now, I must apologize for the photo quality. Back in 2011 I hadn’t picked up photography as a hobby just yet. That plus my hands trembling with excitement led to some pretty sad results!  If you want to see (always) amazing photos, check out this old post by THE Tom Bricker.

I’ll never forget how nervous I was that day! I couldn’t think about anything else and I made my hubby push the button to check us in. When they first opened the door and we stepped inside, I immediately snapped a photo of the inside of that door! I’d been waiting so long to see it! It was surprisingly… red. Actually the entire entry was a bright red color with a lovely staircase directly in front of us and the French lift on the right. Maybe I remember that color so well because all my photos are just a smeared mess of that red! 😉 We asked to take the French Lift up to our table and it’s really as tiny as people say.

Below is my first photo of the day that turned out. Once we sat down I took a deep breath and photographed everything on the table. Our server tried to unfold my napkin to place it on my lap and was a little confused when I stopped her. I was worried she’d think we were “that” kind of table but it ended up that she was really lovely and appreciated how much we treasured being there.

1 1a

After taking a few minutes to appreciate the dining room we thought we should grab something to eat. When we were at Club 33 you not only got to order from a gourmet menu, there was also a buffet to start your meal. The options were immense with cheeses, seafood, meats, salad, fruit, soups, and more. I wonder if this tradition will continue with the new club? It was an amazing way to start off your meal!

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Last Week at Disneyland Resort (4/29/2012 – 5/5/2012)

by on May 8, 2012

Welcome to the first weekly installment of Last Week at Disneyland,‘s regular round-up of recent events and operations in and around the Anaheim resort. This column will be your weekly refresher of what’s new at the Happiest Place on Earth.

In addition to and the Official Disney Parks Blog, much of the following news and photography comes courtesy of our friends at MousePlanet and MiceAge. Visit those sites for more images and up-to-the-minute updates.

Crowd Calendar

Attendance was seasonably slow at the resort this week, but look for crowds to build as Memorial Day approaches.

  • Quietest Days: Resort attendance was lowest on May 3 (Predicted 1 out of 10, Actual 2).
  • Busiest Days: Resort attendance was highest on April 29 (Predicted 6 out of 10, Actual 5).

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Special Events

Opening, Closures, and Refurbishments


Disney California Adventure

Downtown Disney

  • The large LEGO Imagination store reopened on May 1 after a major refurbishment. The temporary LEGO store in the former home of Island Charter is now transforming into the WonderGround art gallery which will open on June 9.