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THE SATURDAY SIX: Top Six “Secrets” of Universal’s Marvel Superhero Island

by on August 17, 2013

The Saturday Six is a weekly look at the most interesting, most fun, and sometimes even the most outrageous things within the theme park world that we all love so much. Whether it’s the top six “secrets” of the Portofino Bay Hotel, the top six food options at Fast Food Blvd, or even the top six signature drinks at Universal, the Saturday Six will be your personal guide to experiencing the very best Orlando has to offer.

This week’s Saturday Six looks at the Top Six “Secrets” of Marvel Superhero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Now most people know about the Stan Lee cameos in the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride but there are many of surprises and secrets spread throughout this incredible land.


Dr. Doom

# 6 – It has some of the best photo ops in the entire Universal Orlando Resort

Right now there isn’t anything in entertainment hotter than the Marvel brand. Still basking in the success of the incredibly popular Avengers and Iron Man 3 films, The Wolverine was a worldwide hit both financially and critically, and two of the most talked about movies at this summer’s San Diego Comic Con were next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and the sequel to the Amazing Spider-Man. The comic book arm of Marvel Comics has just launched the big Infinity storyline, while over in the world of television, one of the most anticipated shows of this upcoming falls season is Agents of SHIELD.

With meet and greets becoming a larger part of the theme park experience every year, you’ll be glad to know that Marvel Superhero Island has several opportunities to interact with characters. UNI7The X-Men’s WolverineStorm, Rogue, and Cyclops come out for pictures and autographs, as well as Captain America. However, the best pictures can be taken with the Marvel villains who come out: Spider-Man’s arch nemesis the Green Goblin and the Fantastic Four’s main baddie, Dr. Doom. The Goblin character is just plain creepy, and his sinister look and poses with guests make for some fantastic photos. Meanwhile guests can get creative with Dr. Doom, leading to some very fun interactions!

But as good as the pictures you can get with “the bad guys” are, the best photo-op in the island, the park, and maybe the entire Universal Orlando Resort itself, is with Spider-Man. Like all the other attractions that use 3D, there are no on-ride photos for the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man attraction. This year Universal added a new Daily Bugle photo op that is part of the Spider-Man standby queue (guests using the Express Pass line do not have the opportunity to have this photo op), but everyone really wants a picture with ol’ Web Head, right?

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