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Disney California Adventure AtMousePhere Part 2

by on September 7, 2016

This is the final area music blog for AtMousePhere! If you’ve been wondering what’s next, we are going to start covering the music of some of the specific attractions of Walt Disney World and Disneyland. If you have any recommendations on where to start, comment below!

If you haven’t read Part 1 of the Disney California Adventure AtMousePhere, we covered the music of Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Land, A Bug’s Land, and Pacific Wharf. Today we cover the final lands, exploring the music of the current incarnations of Grizzly Peak (and the Airfield), Paradise Pier (and Park), and Cars Land!

Grizzly River Run (2)Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak used to consist of a smaller footprint in DCA. However, in 2015 the Condor Flats name was retired and Grizzly Peak inherited the land, renaming it “Grizzly Peak Airfield.” As a result, there are two separate areas of music – one surrounding the area by Soarin’ and one surrounding the area of Grizzly River Run.

Grizzly Peak Airfield’s music is very sweeping and large. It’s music you’d want to have at your disposal when looking over a land like Yellowstone, Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon.

Not all of the music you’ll hear here is soundtrack-based. Quite a few of the pieces are strict compositions. For example, composer Tim Janis’ album American Horizons provides fodder for at least three pieces, including “The Rocky Mountains,” “Hillside Meadow,” and “Summer’s Glory.” Two other Janis albums can also be heard: A Quiet Shore and Coastal America. Patrick Doyle has also contributed music from his album Impressions of America like “The Great Plains.”

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Disney California Adventure AtMousePhere: Part 1

by on May 5, 2016


Copyright ClaireNat 2016

Back in July of 2014, I started this blog series called “AtMousePhere,” covering the background music of the Disney Parks. I mentioned way back in my first post:

Maybe you’ve never really paid attention to the atmospheric soundtrack, but that music subliminally creeps into your psyche and gears you up for wherever your feet take you!

That sentiment has been in existence ever since Disneyland first opened in 1955, and it continued across the country in Orlando. But most recently in the United States, it has simply moved across the Esplanade into Disney’s “newest” US park, Disney California Adventure.

DCA encountered some initial criticism back in its first form by critics and guests alike. However, with some tweaking and overhauling here and there, it has developed into one of Disney’s finest parks, containing some pretty fantastic music!

We’ll split the park in two and discover the music of the unique lands! (Note: we’ll be covering its current incarnation only.)

Buena Vista Street

Copyright ClaireNat2016Main Street, U.S.A. and Sunset Boulevard are two great examples of background music that reflects the time period that Imagineers were trying to emanate. Buena Vista Street certainly fits the mold of its predecessors, for sure. Since the area is supposed to recall the era when Walt Disney first traveled to California, the music consists of jazz and Big Band that would have been heard in the 1920s and 1930s!

Some of the artists that you hear are current bands playing those hits. They are the Crazy Rhythm Hot Society Orchestra, Don Neely’s Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, the music of Dean Mora’s orchestras, and the Palm Court Theater Orchestra. (You can find some – but not all – of the music on iTunes or Amazon, or you can find it on their websites.)

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Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever January 14, 2016: 48 Hours at Disneyland Resort

by on January 14, 2016

I’ve just had a bittersweet Best Week Ever, because I took a weekend away from my usual Orlando assignments to say adieu to some old friends in Anaheim. January 10th marked the last day for a number of Disneyland attractions before Star Wars Land construction commences. Some, like the Railroad and Rivers of America will return next year in an altered form; others, like the Big Thunder Ranch petting zoo, are gone for good. I’ll be covering the closing of these attraction in detail over the coming days, but for this Best Week Ever I want to stash the sayonaras; instead, lets focus on some other experiences I was able to enjoy around the rest of the resort during my 24 hours in Disneyland.

My trip was largely made possible by a ludicrously low airfare ($159 round trip!) I found on Frontier. While I was delighted to get such a cheap seat between MCO and LAX, the airline makes their money back through sky-high baggage fees and some of the least comfortable seating in the sky.

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World of Color Celebrate Review

by on July 16, 2015

World of Color Celebrate Review

Read our Unofficial review of DCA’s new World of Color Celebrate show starring…wait for it…Neil Patrick Harris (photos by Seth Kubersky).

Nearly two months after after Anaheim kicked off its Diamond Celebration, Disneyland‘s 60th birthday has officially arrived. By now, several members of the Touring Plans team — including Seth Kubersky and Guy Selga — have had a chance to experience the new anniversary nighttime entertainments from multiple angles, so in honor of Disneyland’s big day we’re sharing a sneak preview of the new reviews that we are including in the upcoming Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2016. If you missed our previously published Paint the Night coverage, and Disneyland Forever Fireworks review, check them out now. Then read on for our in-depth review of of the newly revamped World of Color show:

World of Color Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney

Authors’ Rating: 4 stars

World of Color Celebrate! Description and Comments


The 1,200 high-pressure water nozzles installed under the surface of DCA’s Paradise Bay are the infrastructure for Disney’s $75-million attempt to keep guests in the park (and spending money) until closing time. If you’ve seen or heard about the spectacular fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, World of Color – Celebrate is similar but larger, with more special effects and themed to Disney movies.


Though the original version of World of Color was still wildly popular, in honor of Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary it was completely overhauled and given the new subtitle ‘Celebrate! The Wonderful World of Walt Disney.’ This new ‘special edition’ of World of Color is explicitly a tribute to Walt Disney the man and his “dreams of Disneyland,” and incorporates classic animated images with live-action footage of Uncle Walt and a new musical score, along with clips from dozens of Disney films, attractions, and characters in its 22-minute performance.

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Disney California Adventure Videos: Mariachi Divas and World of Color

by on April 20, 2014

Disney California Adventure videos Mariachi Divas World of Color

Watch these videos and see World of Color in a whole new way. (images by Seth Kubersky)

Just as Walt famously said that the Disney empire “all started with a mouse,” the magic of Touring Plans all started with a book — namely, the Unofficial Guide. As co-author (with Bob Sehlinger and Len Testa) of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland, I’m proud to announce that preliminary work is complete on the 2015 edition of our Anaheim guidebook, which will make its way to store shelves in plenty of time for the resort’s upcoming 60th anniversary. Naturally, we’ll continue to refine the text right up until the time it is sent to the printers later this year, and we’ll be bringing you details on the changes made to the tome as its publication approaches in the fall. But for now, I wanted to share a tiny taste of a couple of the changes coming to the Unofficial Guide, via a few fun Disney California Adventure videos — featuring the Mariachi Divas and World of Color — that I recorded during my most recent visit to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Mariachi Divas

The Mariachi Divas are one of my favorite under-the-radar entertainment diversions found at Disney California Adventure, but until now they’ve be unjustly under-represented in the Unofficial Guide to Disneyland. We’ve rectified that with an an expanded entry on this fabulously festive singing group.

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Five Disney California Adventure Holiday Favorites

by on December 24, 2013

Disney California Adventure holiday favorites

Disney California Adventure is decked out for the holidays. (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

It may not have the six decades of cherished Christmas traditions of its older sibling across the Disneyland Resort esplanade, but don’t dismiss the Disney California Adventure holiday celebrations. The park has made great strides since its Cars Land-fueled rebirth last summer, and this year’s enhanced seasonal offerings are no exception. Once you’ve finished checking out my five favorite Disneyland holiday additions, tackle these top picks among DCA’s Christmas presents.

Buena Vista Street Decor and Shows

As soon as you step through Disney California Adventure’s Art Deco gates into the 1920’s era Buena Vista Street, you’ll notice the seasonal spirit in the shop windows. DCA has been criticized for redecorating the original Imagineer-designed window dispays with non-period merchandise, but the retail corridor’s holiday treatments for 2013 represent a return to form.

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Disneyland Handmade Candy Canes Available Now through Christmas

by on November 30, 2013

Disneyland handmade candy canes available through Christmas 2013

Image copyright Disney

A popular Anaheim tradition returns to the resort on the day after Thanksgiving, as fresh handmade candy canes are again available at both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure through Christmas Day. Availability alternates between Disneyland’s Candy Palace (Fridays and Tuesdays) and Disney California Adventure’s Trolley Treats (Mondays and Saturdays) and is strictly limited to about 120 canes per day.

The complete handmade candy cane schedule is as follows:

  • At Disneyland’s Candy Palace: November 29; December 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20.
  • At DCA’s, Trolly Treats: November 30; December 2, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21.
  • On Christmas week only, the schedule is Candy Palace on Sunday & Tuesday (Dec 22 & 24) and Trolly Treats on Monday & Wednesday (Dec 23 & 25).

Fresh handmade candy canes sell out quickly, so if you want one you’ll need to secure a wristband at park opening and pick up your candy before 4pm. Candy canes cost $13 each, and no discounts are offered. For more details, check out the full report on the Disney Food Blog.

Are you planning to line up at dawn for one of these delicious holiday treats? Or are you unable to tell the difference between handmade candy canes and the standard store-bought ones? Let us know in the comments below!


Disneyland Annual Passholder Event with Dave Bossert on Oct 24

by on October 19, 2013

Disney animation producer Dave Bossert

The Walt Disney feature animators who originally occupied the Magic of Disney Animation attraction at WDW’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios park were furloughed well over a decade ago. But, for one next week at least, a member of Disney’s animation team will appear at the sister attraction across the country.

On Thursday, October 24, Annual Passholders can attend a free session with Dave Bossert, Producer, Creative Director and Head of Special Projects for for Walt Disney Animation Studios. Bossert will tell behind-the-scenes tales and give “a close-up look at the new Disney Animated app.”

The 45-minute presentations will be held at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm at the Disney Animation attraction in Disney California Adventure’s Hollywood Land. Required registration must be done in person at the attraction on the day of the event, staring at park open. As always, a valid annual pass is required, and space is limited.


Viva Navidad Holiday Celebration Starts Nov 15 at Disney California Adventure

by on October 11, 2013

In an effort to appeal to Southern California’s sizeable Hispanic population, Disneyland Resort announced yesterday that it is expanding its popular Holiday offerings with a new “Viva Navidad” celebration at Disney California Adventure’s Paradise Gardens.

The festivities, which will occur several times daily beginning on November 15, will feature the Three Caballeros (Panchito Pistoles, Jose Carioca, and Donald Duck) along with Mickey and Minnie. Also keep am eye out for Mr. and Mrs. Claus, plus some 12-foot-tall “mojiganga” puppets. In addition to the entertainment and kids activities, which are included with admission, ethnic food will be available for purchase.

Viva Navidad will continue daily through January 6, 2014, and will be joined by a Three Kings Day observance at Disneyland Park on January 3-6. Feliz Navidad!


Disney’s PLANES Invade Soarin’ Over California Preshow in Disney California Adventure

by on September 17, 2013

Image copyright Disney

Some people saw the recent Disney Pictures’ release PLANES as a cynical cash grab that merely made margins modifications to Pixar’s charming CARS franchise…and some other people enjoy Dane Cook. Whichever camp you fall in, you must admit it was inevitable that the anthropomorphized aircraft would eventually arrive in at least one of Mickey’s theme parks.

It looks like at least one PLANES tie-in came in for a landing recently in Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort, though thankfully in a relatively subtle way.

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