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Run the World: Art of Animation and Pop Century Jogging Trails

by on March 9, 2014

Whether you’re in town for a runDisney race, for business travel, or a family vacation, you can always be sure to find a great place to log some miles when you’re visiting the Walt Disney World Resort. There are plenty of places on property, from the rugged beauty of the Fort Wilderness Trails, to the bridges and bayous of Port Orleans, and many, many more.

While it may not be the first place that guests think of when it comes to picturesque running routes, the Art of Animation and Pop Century properties are actually an excellent option for a jaunt – not only are there wide walkways and “larger than life” statues, but the sparkling Hourglass Lake and “Generation Gap” bridge make for a fun change of scenery.

Both Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts are laid out in a cluster formation, so using the Pop Century jogging map as a guide, 1-mile routes are easily crafted from a variety of starting points. Adding in connecting sidewalks, and varying paths between buildings, extra mileage on either side of Hourglass Lake can create longer runs, and crossing over the Generation Gap bridge and “mirroring” paths, mileage is easily doubled, tripled or quadrupled, depending on mileage desired.

At both Art of Animation and Pop Century, water fountains and restrooms are easily accessible in the resort lobbies, and if you’re staying at either of these resorts, towels can be picked up by the themed swimming pools after your running workout.

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Top 5 Tips For Preparing For a runDisney Nighttime Race

by on November 6, 2013

Although it might FEEL like nighttime when the alarm goes off for most of the races on the runDisney calendar (3 AM wakeup call, anyone?!), there are currently two Walt Disney World events that turn traditional race convention on its head and start hours after the sun has gone down: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10-Miler and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon.

Care to drop in?

Care to drop in?

Both events are highly themed, feature world-class entertainment on course and end in spectacular after-parties that are sure to make the run worth every mile…but for those who train during the daylight hours, or are more accustomed to early morning races, adjusting to the idea of a race beginning at 10 PM can be a bit of a challenge…especially when it’s taking place at one of the most fun places on Earth!

Having had run both of these events – and with one just days away, I thought I’d share some of the lessons I’ve learned firsthand about getting to the starting line rested and ready to run. Some of the tips are “common sense” ones – but others are ones you may not have thought of, and one – well, let’s just say I learned it the hard way, so you won’t have to. As always, I welcome your feedback, tips and questions in the “comments” sections below so you can be sure that you’re in the best shape you can be before conquering your next race!

TIP #1: Relax

Okay, this one might sound like a “duh” tip, but hear me out…you’re at Walt Disney World. Whether it’s your 1st trip or your 100th, it’s likely that you’re excited and want to experience all the magic you can on your trip. You might reason that the race doesn’t start until 10 PM, so you have all day to spend at a theme park with your family, then change clothes and throw down some miles, right? Well…maybe – but probably not! If at all possible, I recommend scheduling an “easy” day – this could mean enjoying the pool at the resort, enjoying a brunch at your favorite WDW restaurant, or maybe even some light shopping at Downtown Disney. Basically, do what you can to take it easy. And if your schedule allows, consider visiting the race expo the day before, so you don’t have to worry about walking around and tiring your legs – they’ll thank you halfway through the race!

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