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Do It Yourself: Disney Shirts

by on February 27, 2017

You reserved your resort accommodations, made your advanced dining reservations, and selected your FastPass+ preferences. Now comes the hard part – waiting! Rather than trudge through what will probably feel like some of the slowest days of your life, why not keep that anticipation rolling with some DIY Disney projects? One of my own favorite projects before a Disney vacation is Disney themed t-shirts, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways you can customize your own vacation shirts. It’s time to pop in a Disney DVD and start crafting!

Iron or Sew-On Items

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Disney It Yourself: Disney DIY Lamp Shade + Video

by on May 30, 2015

Photo - Angela Dahlgren

Hello all you crafty people! Join me in another Disney It Yourself project: The Disney DIY lamp shade!

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Scissors or an X-acto knife
  • Thicker paper like card stock or construction paper
  • Scotch tape
  • A lamp shade of your choosing
  • A Printer to print out your silhouette

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Disney It Yourself: Park Map Coasters

by on April 15, 2015

Photo - Angela Dahlgren Photo - Angela Dahlgren

Today, I have an easy and affordable Disney DIY to share with you all: Disney map coasters!

Pull out those park maps (I know you grabbed one of each as a souvenir. I do the same thing everything time I visit Walt Disney World.), and let’s get crafting!

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Disney It Yourself: Habit Heroes App and Sum of All Thrills Game Reviews

by on March 3, 2015


Here I am again with more game reviews based off of different attractions found at Innoventions. If you missed my review of the Great Piggy Bank Adventure App, read that here.

These reviews are part of my new series, DIY (Disney It Yourself), where I explore different ways to enjoy Disney Parks at home.

As you’ll soon see, I experienced hits along with a few misses. First on the list: the Habit Heroes App!

Habit Heroes

The Habit Heroes app was introduced in the Apple App Store December 12th, 2012. It can also be downloaded via Google Play. It is based off the attraction of the same name, found at Innoventions East in Epcot. The app states:

The Habit Heroes mobile app is a comic book that chronicles the adventures of the healthy Habit Heroes as they clean up health hazards around the globe. Each comic book issue unlocks an interactive tool that helps foster healthy habits in your every day life.

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Disney It Yourself: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App Review

by on February 24, 2015

Photo - Angela DahlgrenImagine yourself sitting in front of the television on a Sunday evening. There you are minding your own business when suddenly, a Disney Parks commercial comes on.

BAM! The nostalgia hits you like a ton of bricks. You get that yearning feeling in the pit of your stomach while your heart aches for the most magical place on earth. Your next trip isn’t for several months. What can you do?!

In this series, I’m on a quest to scratch that Disney itch from the comfort of my own home. I’ll be reviewing Disney apps, trying out Disney crafts and exploring different options for satisfying that Disney craving.

First on the agenda: The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure App was first introduced in the Apple App Store on June 24, 2013. An update followed on March 14, 2014. It is based off the attraction of the same name, found at Innoventions West in Epcot. It is published by Disney and is presented by T. Rowe Price.

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