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Gran Fiesta Tour wait times

by on April 7, 2007

A quick evaluation of Gran Fiesta Tour’s wait times is as follows. Immediately after it’s 11am opening on most days of operation, the attraction has been pulling in a signifigant crowd. However, it processes guests very quickly. Even though the queue may extend out of the “hard queue” pictured below, the wait will not be more then 15-20 minutes, until it reaches the front and the exterior of the Mexico pavilion (it’s roughly 30mins from that point.)

We have timed the queue including 5 extension switchbacks infront of the San Angel restaurant before the full hard queue, and have only waited 10-15mins on multiple trips through.

Gran Fiesta gears up for opening

by on March 26, 2007

Gran Fiesta Tour starring the Three Caballeros is bustling with activity leading up to it’s opening. Around the entrance of the now-defunct El Rio del Tiempo which Gran Fiesta Tour replaced workers have been spotted workign to change out signage and a new marquee has appeared over the entrance archway with Donald, Panchito, and Jose welcoming you.

The queue has been redecorated with large murals of the characters as well, including a large mural of donald right near the loading dock which we spied as a worker went into the door in the refurbishment wall. Other sources have mentioned that the queue will serve to introduce guests to the general storyline and ideas related to the attraction – a large improvement over El Rio del Tiempo’s old barren queue.

Speaking of the queue, work was seen on the side entrance doors into the Mexico pavilion, specificly the left side door. This door is where the queue is routed once it finishes additional switchbacks infront of the San Angel Inn restaurant and then runs along the side of the pavilion’s marketplace and out into the foyer. It exits through this door and then switchbacks out on the raised terrace which serves as the entrance to the pavilion. In the most extreme circumstance, it will flow down the stairs and continue down the World Showcase Promenade.

All that being said, it looks as though Disney is expecting this newly rennovated attraction to draw in sizeable interest. If it will or wont remains unseen but we will keep track of crowd levels and adjust touring plans as neccessary. Thankfully, the ride uses boats and those tend to load very quickly and move many guests per hour.

Additonally, the first week of Gran Fiesta’s operation (it opens April 2nd) will be accompanied by the start of Epcot’s popular Flower and Garden festival (it opens April 5th). Be aware of general congestion in that area of the park as the “Garden Odyssey Festival Center” resides in the Odyssey builing directly adjacent to the Mexico pavilion.

El Rio to become Gran Fiesta Tour

by on February 24, 2007

El Rio del Tiempo at Epcot’s Mexico pavilion wll be renamed “Gran Fiesta Tour – Starring the 3 Caballeros” when it reopens on April 2nd, 2007. Show sets and new rockwork for the attraction are currently being installed behind the refurbishment walls as work on the main ride system and rennovation of the old loading platform is coming to a close.

Some timely El rio del Tiempo tidbits

by on January 29, 2007

Some tidbits of information to hold us over until El Rio del Tiempo reopens in April from refurbishment:

On Epcot branded merchandise, Donald Duck is appearing in Mexican garb along side Nemo and Figment.

The signage outfront of the pavilion has been been removed, suggesting an upgrade to the marquee for the attraction to attract more visitors.

Inside the pavilion, all of the carts and kiosks of the shopping area have been shifted over to the right, suggesting the queue will be reworked through the area to accomodate more guests.

Guests who visitted Disney MGM Studios Backlot Tour in late December are reporting seeing pieces of scenery being worked on that was for the attraction including palm tree backdrops and platforms with arches.

Paperwork filed for the refurbishment lists simply “refurbishment” rather then describing the work to be done to the ride. However, Brad Rex (Epcot’s head) has since said the refurbishment will involve the Three Cabelleros.

El Rio del Tiempo Refurbishment (Closure?)

by on November 11, 2006

El Rio del Tiempo at Epcot is scheduled for refurbishment from January 2nd, 2007 until April 1st, 2007 according to Disney World’s website. Though we note the reopening date on April Fools day, we suspect this is valid as it is part of the main Disney World website.

We also suspect this extended refurbishment is for the long rumored 3 Cabelleros makeover to the attraction.