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Epcot’s Electric Umbrella closed for refurbishment

by on March 21, 2009

The Electric Umbrella, a counter-service restaurant in Epcot’s Future World, will be closed through 4 April 2009.

Electric Umbrella Closure?

by on January 9, 2009

We don’t have any dates, but the Electric Umbrella restaurant in Epcot now has permits for a kitchen rebuild including walls, service stations, and electrical. We suspect the venue would need to close during such work. More details as they become available.

Electric Umbrella Self-Service Beverages

by on April 7, 2007

The Electric Umbrella restaurant has begun self-service beverage kiosk operation. Purchased cup sizes are now smaller then their counterparts at other locations, but refills are not discouraged. Hot tea, coffee, cocoa, apple juice, lemonade, and a large variety of coke products are offered.

Toppings Bar removed from Electric Umbrella

by on March 30, 2007

The burger-toppings bars have been removed from the Electric Umbrella at Epcot. Burgers now come served predressed with shredded lettuce and a slice of tomato. New condiment counters have been installed and guests are free to pick up various sauces (BBQ, honey mustard, mayo, mustard, etc.), but all fresh vegetables have been removed.

Electric Umbrella closure

by on March 5, 2007

The Electric Umbrella at Epcot will not be operating March 5th – 21st, 2007. We assume this is so they can install the self service beverage stations and replace the wall-carpet inside the building.

This refurbishment was added to the schedule fairly last minute, and we suspect is the reason for yet another delay in the Mitsukoshi refurbishment.

Minor refurbishment of Electric Umbrella

by on June 5, 2006

Electric Umbrella counter-service at Epcot has begun minor rennovation work, closing a few of the registers. This means the location will have slightly longer lines during lunch and dinner peak until the refurbishment is finished. Exact details and dates are unknown.