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Escape From Tomorrow DVD and Bluray Released

by on May 5, 2014

Escape from Tomorrow DVD

A scene from Escape from Tomorrow, now available on DVD and Bluray

When Escape From Tomorrow — the creepy monochromatic movie director Randy Moore surreptitiously shot inside Disney resorts –debuted at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, it was widely speculated that Mickey’s lawyers would never allow the unauthorized flick to be widely released. As it turned out, the movie was released online last year through online services like iTunes, and (as a counter on their official website attests) the creators have not yet been sued. In fact, the cult film is now set to reach an even wider audience, as Escape From Tomorrow DVDs and Blurays are now available from retailers, and for rental through Netflix’s mail service (sadly, it is not yet offered through Netflix Streaming).

If you are uncertain whether to take the plunge on this surreal stroll through the Disney parks, you can find plenty of professional reviews online. There’s also an interesting article explaining how the movie was shot inside Disney’s parks without Mouse managment’s knowledge or permission.

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Trailer for Unauthorized Disney Parks film “Escape From Tomorrow” Released

by on September 11, 2013

We’ve written once or twice about Escape From Tomorrow, the Sundance-screened surreal thriller filmed without permission inside Disney’s Orlando and Anaheim theme parks. Somehow the feature has managed to secure an October 11 release date (in select theaters and video-on-demand) without a paratrooping platoon of Mouse-ear-wearing lawyers descending from the skies…at least so far.

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Unauthorized Disney Parks movie “Escape From Tomorrow” Finally Coming to Theatres

by on August 21, 2013

We here at Touring Plans are obviously enamored of most things Disney, but even the most ardent Mickey admirer must admit that an extended on-property stay at one of the Mouse’s resorts can start to feel like a surreal David Lynch-like nightmare. That experience is apparently universal enough to inspire Escape From Tomorrow, a black & white independent sci-fi/horror film that was shot inside Walt Disney World and Disneyland attractions without Disney’s participation or permission.

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Escape From Tomorrow: The Disney Parks Film You’ll Never See

by on January 23, 2013

In the annals of Walt Disney’s cinematic legacy, there are a handful of infamous films that have been banished from public sight for various social and legal reasons. Song of the South, which has been unavailable to American audiences for a generation due to perceived racial insensitivity, is perhaps the best known. The Sweatbox, a fascinatingly unflattering warts-and-all documentary about the troubled creation of The Emperor’s New Groove, is a more modern example that Mickey buried out of embarrassment.

To that ignoble club, the latest member you can likely add is Escape From Tomorrow, the darling of this week’s Sundance Film Festival. Writer/director Randy Moore‘s debut independent feature is a David Lynch-inspired black & white surreal horror flick featuring Roy Abramsohn as a father trapped in a nightmarish theme park vacation.

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