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Hotel Room Hacks: Ways to Make the Most of the Supplies in Your Walt Disney World Hotel Room

by on January 16, 2013

A while back, I wrote a post which listed all the things that you can expect to find in your Walt Disney World hotel room. Most of the items on the list seem pretty straightforward. I mean, an ice bucket is just an ice bucket, right?


In addition to being a container for conveying frozen water, your ice bucket can do double duty as a corral for your daughter’s hair supplies, a bowl for your microwave popcorn, or place to warm your baby’s bottle. Here are some hacks you can use to make the items found in your hotel room do double duty when you’re on your Disney vacation.


Your hotel toiletries can be used for many things other than getting clean.

  • Meant to: Keep your hair clean.
  • Can also be used:
  • As a gentle detergent to rinse the chlorine out of your swimsuit.
  • As a “stain stick.” Rub a little into a clothing stain. This will delay the stain setting until you can actually wash the garment.
  • As a bubble bath for cleaning kiddos. Pour a slow stream of shampoo into the running tub water and watch the bubbles appear.
  • As a “window cleaner” for your kids’ swim goggles.
  • Remember: If you’re not staying on points at a DVC villa, you can get as much free extra shampoo as you need just by placing a quick call to housekeeping.

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