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Epcot’s Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival Sees Update

by on June 19, 2017

Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival at the Imagination Pavilion


One of the best ways to beat the summertime heat when visiting Walt Disney World is to head to the air conditioning. So, it’s pretty convenient that the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival located in the Imagination Pavilion‘s Magic Eye Theater has updated some of the short films that are showcased.

Two new Academy Award winning films have now joined the lineup. The first is Feast” which is a heart-warming story that follows the culinary adventures of a Boston Terrier named Winston. This short premiered with with Big Hero 6.  The second new short is called “Piper” and tells the story of a hungry baby sandpiper who is learning to overcome her fear of the ocean. “Piper” premiered with Finding Dory.  “Get a Horse” which premiered with Frozen is still being shown alongside these two new shorts.

Unfortunately, this means that the short films, “La Luna” and “For the Birds” will no longer be shown.

The Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival lasts approximately 18 minutes and the films are shown

in 3D and include in-theater effects. FastPass+ is available, but is not recommended.

Disney Visa Character Experience to Move

by on October 14, 2016

Disney Visa Character Experience


Do you have a Disney Visa? As one of the perks for card members, Chase and Disney have offered the Disney Visa Character Experience at Epcot in Innoventions West. As of today (Friday, October 14, 2016), that meet-and-greet’s location has changed.

Those with Disney Visa cards can now to meet some of their favorite Disney characters in a new location in the Imagination Pavilion next to Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Hours are 1:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m., and – like at the old location – downloads of photos taken here are provided at no extra charge.

With the move of the Disney Visa Character Experience, Colortopia is the only remaining attraction in Innoventions.

As a reminder, Disney Visa cardholders also have access to a private meet-and-greet experience with a favorite Star Wars character at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This experience is available daily from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Star Wars Launch Bay in Animation Courtyard.

DVC Lounge at Epcot to Open in June

by on May 20, 2016

Disney Vacation Club - DVC


In order to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Disney Vacation Club, Disney is creating a brand new, exclusive Member Lounge at Epcot, which is slated to open on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion on June 6. The lounge is slated to welcome DVC Member, as well as their guests daily.

The entrance for the lounge will be located through the pavilion’s merchandise shop and is included with admission to Epcot.  It will give DVC members and their guests a place to relax, access device charging stations, enjoy complimentary refreshments and other offerings, device charging stations, WiFi, computer stations with printers, Member Service Advisors, and mingle with other members. Members will also be able to purchase DVC merchandise. The lounge will be the perfect place for Guests to cool off (or warm up, depending on the season) and relax.

This year, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, DVC is rolling out all the stops. Other anniversary perks will allow members to be offered additional complimentary events throughout the year; discounts on multi-day theme park tickets at Walt Disney World Resort; a silver anniversary sweepstakes; fun surprises; and new memorable experiences at not only Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, but also at Aulani and onboard Disney Cruise Line.

For more information about the anniversary festivities, make sure to check out the DVC website.

Rating Disney Vacation Club’s 25th anniversary offers

by on January 26, 2016

As a fairly new owner of Disney Vacation Club, I’ve heard the trope that nothing is promised to owners except access to resort rooms that would otherwise cost far more on a cash basis. At its core, DVC is a timeshare program, though one that has its own cachet and has, so far, retained a good bit of value on the resale market.

DVC members will be able to relax upstairs in Epcot's Imagination Pavilion.

DVC members will be able to relax upstairs in Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion.

But as DVC owners will tell you, it can be much more thanks to the extras that are provided. There are small bonuses, like the Disney Files magazine that comes in the mail every three months or the DVC magnets for the back of your car. Then there are larger bonuses, like the dining and merchandise discounts and special offers on annual passes or park tickets.

With 2016 being the 25th year of DVC’s existence (yes, those original purchasers at Old Key West will be halfway through their contracts at the end of this year), DVC is rolling out a host of special offers to celebrate. We’ll run through and classify the offers.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about

One of my favorite perks of membership is access to The Top Of The World Lounge at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower. It’s a great place for drinks and snacks, and the exclusive access means you don’t have to fight the crowds for this great viewing spot of the Wishes fireworks show. So I’m really happy that another exclusive member area will be created within a theme park. The upper floor of Epcot’s Imagination Pavilion (the old ImageWorks) is being taken out of mothballs to be transformed into a DVC member lounge with seating, complimentary soft drinks, wi-fi, charging stations, computers with printers and member services advisors. In the heat of the summer, sounds like a great way to get some rest and refreshment before trekking into World Showcase. Plus, it’s something that every DVC member can take advantage of, unlike our next offering.

Amazing if you can make it

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Celebrate 25 Years of DVC with a New Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge and More

by on January 4, 2016



This year is the 25th anniversary of Disney Vacation Club and to celebrate Disney is introducing many new perks for its members.

First, to celebrate the 25th Anniversary, Disney Vacation Club is creating a brand new, exclusive Member Lounge at Epcot, which is slated to open on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion in late spring of 2016. This new lounge will be included with admission to Epcot and will give members and their guests a place to relax, access device charging stations, enjoy complimentary refreshments and other offerings, WiFi, Member Service Advisors, and mingle with other members.

Other anniversary perks will allow members to be offered additional complimentary theme park and water park events throughout the year such as the 25 and Beyond Bash and the Disney Vacation Club Safari Spectacular; discounts on multi-day theme park tickets at Walt Disney World Resort; a silver anniversary sweepstakes; fun surprises throughout the year and new memorable experiences at not only Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts, but also at Aulani and onboard Disney Cruise Line.

DVC members will also receive a new personalized Disney Vacation Club Membership Card that will make it possible for members to enjoy all these new benefits, and other recognition programs, such as special anniversary buttons, photos opportunities, unique merchandise and more.

For more information about the 25th‘s festivities, check out the DVC website.

Captain EO to Officially Close at Epcot

by on November 13, 2015

©Rikki Niblett

©Rikki Niblett

Updated with new information.

The rag tag band appears to be officially going away. Guests are invited to celebrate and watch Captain EO change the world one last time because the show, which is playing at the Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion, will see its farewell mission on December 6.

Captain EO returned to the park back in 2010 to celebrate Michael Jackson after his death. This spring/summer Captain EO closed for sneak previews of both Tomorrowland and Inside Out. Many thought at that time the attraction would be closed forever, however, it returned in July to many people’s surprise.

Disney has now officially announced what is taking Captain EO’s place. Guests will be able to experience beloved Disney and Pixar animated shorts in 4D with the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival. It will include a look into the visionary minds behind some of the most iconic animated films today, as well as the ability to enter the imaginative worlds of three animated shorts in ways never seen before.

One thing is for sure, at least for me anyway – I have enjoyed joining Hooter, Idie, Odie, Fuzzball, and the rest of the gang on their adventure helping them change the world, with brighter days and good times.


Inside Out Preview Headed to Epcot

by on May 1, 2015



After the Tomorrowland preview ends at the Imagination Pavilion at Epcot (which is showing through May 24), a new preview will take up residence in the Magic Eye Theater. This new preview will showcase the upcoming Pixar flick, Inside Out. The special preview will offer Guests an exclusive intro from filmmakers, an advanced look at a sequence from the film, and in-theater effects.

The inclusion of Inside Out‘s preview in the Magic Eye Theater following the Tomorrowland preview does give more credence to the notion that Captain EO really is dead. (Despite insistence that it isn’t. Time will tell.)

This preview of Inside Out will begin on May 30 and will last about 12 minutes. There is currently no end date scheduled.

The movie, Inside Out will premiere in theaters on June 19 and it looks like it will be spectacular. (But something tells me I may need Kleenex…just a hunch.)

Tomorrowland Preview Begins Tomorrow at Epcot

by on April 17, 2015



I feel a sense of irony writing this title for this article. 😉

For those of you excited about the Tomrrowland sneak peek that will be taking place in Epcot‘s Magic Eye Theater in the Imagination Pavilion (you know, where Captain EO has been playing), it will begin tomorrow, April 18. In addition, to being able to catch the preview guests will also be able to get a close-up look at one of the jet packs used in the film, along with a display of concept art and photos straight from the set.

For those visiting Disneyland, the preview kicked off today at the Tomorrowland Theater. After catching the preview, guests are invited to visit the Starcade to see original props and production artwork.

The preview will last approximately 15-20 minutes and is expected to run until May 24. Tomorrowland heads to theaters on May 22.

Imagination overhaul earmarked

by on April 7, 2008

After months of rumors, we’ve heard from a fairly reliable source that the Imagination pavilion has been earmarked for a major renovation in the 2009 fiscal year, which begins this October. Details of the refurbishment are said to include a new show to replace the old Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, as well as a complete overhaul of the ride through attraction.

Imageworks reworked

by on March 14, 2008

Despite our hopes that perhaps they’d take the opportunity to just bulldoze the building and start over, the Imageworks at the Imgination pavilion has reopened with a whimsical and updated look.

Though the ride-through attraction was also closed, it did not change in any significant manner. Rumor suggests preliminary work was done for a coming overhaul of the ride, but that remains to be seen. We’ll believe it when we see it. Until then, at least the Imageworks is more attractive. Try not to blind yourself with the glare from the floor.

The upstairs glass atrium portion of the building in the pyramid remains completely closed off to guests aside from the occasional group on the Undiscovered Future World tour. Recent reports state that the new Waste Management games for Innoventions were installed up there briefly and we know that previews for the Kim Possible interactive game used it as a location.

Putting lipstick on a pig might be the way to describe this overhaul, but at least it’s progress.