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Innoventions West at Epcot to See Massive Changes

by on March 20, 2015

InnoventionsUpdated on 3/21/15 with additional information.

The rumors had been floating around this week and the Orlando Sentinel has confirmed it — Epcot is making massive changes to Innoventions West beginning this spring.

So what does this all mean? Well it means that we can say goodbye to the THINK exhibit, Where’s the Fire, and The Great Piggy Bank Adventure. (Nooo!!!  Save the piggies!!!) All three are slated to be leaving and will be replaced.

To make way for this massive overhaul of Innoventions West, the area’s last day of operation will be on April 29.

It does appear that the Disney Visa Cardmember character meet and greet will be staying, though no word on if it will be moved to a different location during the closure of the space or if it will also temporarily close while work is being done.

In addition, another attraction is closing in Innoventions East — the Vision House, which will no longer be available starting April 22.

Innoventions has always been a place where Guests could learn and discover amazing technologies and how those technologies are making life better through hands-on, walk-through exhibits that are sponsored by corporations. The various exhibits found inside the pavilion have been known to rotate periodically.

There is no word on what exactly will replace these exhibits. Innoventions East (which houses Sum of All Thrills, StormStruck, and Habit Heroes) will remain open.

Innoventions Uncovered

by on March 30, 2014

In the comments of a recent post, one of our awesome readers asked for an article about Innoventions. This spot is nice for hiding from nasty weather, and most of the exhibits are pretty interesting. Not to mention it doesn’t draw big crowds, making it a perfect spot for the heat of the day. So what’s worth seeing, and what gets a skip? Check out below for my opinions. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Innoventions West

IMG_1294The Great Piggy Bank Adventure: This one is a must see for me. We even stop by and play pretty often. At the start of this game you are assigned an actual piggy bank that you carry with you through your journey. He is the cutest, fattest little pig! I wish they were for sale! Once you have your piggy bank, you take him through a series of virtual games in your quest to become a financial smarty pants.  If you’d like a sneak peek of The Great Piggy Bank Adventure you can visit online. Game Rating: 9 out of 10.


IMG_1292THINK: I’ve been through this exhibit several times, but I still just don’t… get it. There’s a large video wall, a movie that plays on a loop, and touch columns that walk you through an interactive tour. The focus of the exhibit is efficiency and sustainability through technology. Unfortunately, I find this one to be pretty boring and highly skippable. Game Rating: 3 out of 10. 

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T. Rowe Price in Innoventions West

by on January 9, 2009

Permits to install sets for an upcoming area in Innoventions West have been filed. The area is sponsored apparently by T. Rowe Price and will be built by Sparks Exhibits who have handled several of the recent additions to Innoventions.

Velcro opens – but is it funny?

by on February 23, 2008

The Velcro area of Innoventions West has opened, but rumors linger of show tweaking and script changes to the comedy-show format.

Apparently the current format isn’t going over 100% with audiences, but usually these sorts of scripts aren’t home runs until they test with audiences for a few weeks.

If anything, the building itself is impressive and makes a nice visual addition to Innoventions. Should the show works the kinks out, it should make a nice addition to the area.

Velcro and the Breezeway

by on December 22, 2007

The doors into the west breezeway at Epcot have been reopened and the Velcro exhibit is showing signs of progress.

The new entrance allows guests to enter next to the IBM exhibit and is giving the whole area an increase in foot traffic. The Velcro exhibit is still under construction, but has taken the form of a series of whimsical building fronts.

Winds of change in the Breezeway

by on December 14, 2007

A truly minor note, but if anything it will make traversing Future World a tiny bit easier. The opening to Innoventions West from the west Breezeway (the big hallway leading to The Land, Seas, and Imagination) will be reopening with the new Velcro exhibit scheduled for completion by January.

The original design of Innoventions East and West as Communicore allowed for much more flow-through to the rest of Future World, whereas the current setup has blocked several doors and forced guests to only traverse the central corridor which has in turn become extremely congested. This is a minor improvement in the grand scheme of things, but will help the congestion in that area the nearby Character Spot has created.

Velcro – amazing and futuristic?

by on August 29, 2007

In an interesting turn of events, Disney has filed permits to install a display about Velcro in Innoventions West, presumably to replace the (now disposed) Too Small to See exhibit.

Too Small to See – Ends Run

by on May 20, 2007

The popular “Too Small to See” exhibit in Innoventions West has ended its run at Epcot. The exhibit is designed to tour to various science museums after its initial debut at Epcot. No word on what will be taking over that exhibition space.

Another KidCot

by on April 30, 2007

A new Kim Possible KidCot activity station has recently opened in Innoventions West.

Innoventions loses another tower, and adds refurbishment walls

by on March 5, 2007

Continuing the story we reported earlier, another tower at an entrance into Innoventions has been removed. The main Innoventions East entrance from the central plaza is now being removed, joining the West central entrance and the East-park entrance signs in oblivion. Only the West-park entrance tower remains near the Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Inside Innoventions West, refurbishment walls have appeared in the area adjacent to the West plaza entrance. Rumor has it that the “Road to Tomorrow” theme of Innoventions is on its way out piece by piece.