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Universal Orlando Tests Mardi Gras Guide App

by on April 19, 2015

Universal Orlando test of a Mardi Gras Guide app could hint at the future of theme park events, for good or ill… (Photos by Seth Kubersky)

Easter has been over two weeks, but Universal Orlando‘s annual Mardi Gras celebration only came to an end on Saturday night. Universal Studios Florida’s final parade and concert played on April 18th to a packed park under overcast skies, unlike the previous week’s rain-soaked washout. But in addition to flying beads and Trey Songz’s bass beats, Universal tossed out another surprise to its fans, testing a new Mardi Gras Guide app for smartphones on the party’s last night.

I began by downloading The Official Universal Orlando Mardi Gras Guide App to my iPhone 6 Plus. The app became available on April 15, and can still be downloaded for free (though it doesn’t do much now that the event has ended).

When the iOS Mard Gras Guide app opens for the first time, you’ll be asked to approve access to various services. Interestingly, there is no request to access the camera, which will become an issue later…

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Using an iPhone 6 Plus at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

by on November 18, 2014

iPhone 6 plus Magic Kingdom

Find out how the iPhone 6 Plus holds up at WDW’s Magic Kingdom (images by Seth Kubersky)

It took nearly two months of waiting, but my precious pre-ordered iPhone 6 Plus finally arrived last week. And where was one of the first places I took it? Why, Walt Disney World, of course! When Apple’s supersized smartphone debuted back in September, this Techcrunch article on using the new “phablet” inside Disneyland caught my eye. Since theme park reporting is one of the primary reasons I upgraded my iDevice, I wanted to write this companion piece sharing my initial experiences using the iPhone 6 Plus at WDW’s Magic Kingdom.


Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus is freaking ginormous, especially for the first few hours you hold it. Then it starts to seem normal, and your old phone begins to look puny in comparison. While riding attractions, the phone fit fine in the front pocket of my not-so-skinny jeans, and emerged again afterwards with nary a bend in sight.

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“Universal ScreenPlay” App: A Review

by on July 3, 2013

20130624-160158.jpgEarlier this year, Universal Orlando Resort launched a new mobile app entitled “Universal ScreenPlay”. Unlike most of the theme park apps out there on the market (including the wonderful one our website offers), this app is not designed to help and assist your vacation planning but to enhance your vacation itself.

The app’s three many features rely heavily on augmented reality. For those of you not-so techno-savvy readers, Merriam-Webster defines ‘augmented reality’ as:

an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (as a smartphone camera)

Let me break it down for you in Disney terms. Have you ever been inside the LEGO Store in Downtown Disney? If you stand in front of video kiosks there and display any LEGO box, it will magically bring to life an actual-size animated version of that set on the screen, and when you turn the box, the set moves in tandem.

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Hipstamatic Disneyland

by on May 17, 2012

One of my hobbies is collecting images and ephemera from the early decades of the Disney theme parks. I have a particular weakness for memorabilia that gives a glimpse from the 1960s and 70s. Photographs from that era have an unmistakeable texture that makes me want to go back in time.

Unfortunately, my Way-Back machine is broken, and out-of-print Polaroid film is outrageously expensive on eBay. Fortunately, thanks to the iPhone, photographers have the next best thing. It’s an inexpensive app called Hipstamatic, and it instantly transforms your cutting-edge smartphone into a clunky piece of analogue optical awesomes.

Hipstamatic features numerous simulated films and filters that can re-combined to create refreshingly organic digital images. There are other similar software suites (such as Instagram) that sport superficially similar “vintage” effects, but only Hipstamatic’s effort feel so authentically old-fashioned that their artlessness becomes artistic.

In future posts, I plan to present some documentation of my Hipstamatic time travels around the Happiest Place on Earth. For starters, enjoy this gallery from Main Street U.S.A., starring the Disneyland Band and a bunch of balloons with a certain distinctive shape.