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Kongstruction: T-Rex Photo Op Relocated

by on June 8, 2014

As PotterWatch construction updates wind down, our Kongstruction coverage will begin increasing to keep pace with progress on Project 340, the yet-unannounced King Kong attraction going into the area behind Thunder Falls Terrace in Islands of Adventure‘s Jurassic Park. This week, let’s check out the newly relocated T-Rex photo op, as well as some earth moving on the construction site.

Project 340 Earthmoving

First, here are a few photos of the current state of the Project 340 lands, located between the Thunder Falls Terrace restaurant and Toon Lagoon:

Kongstruction project 340

Photos by Seth Kubersky

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Kongstruction: Islands of Adventure Project 340 Photo Report

by on May 22, 2014

With construction on the newly expanded Wizarding World of Harry Potter wrapping up, what is next for Universal Orlando after PotterWatch? Though officially unannounced, insider information and permit filings for “Project 340” provide evidence that an impressive new E-ticket adventure is being installed in Islands of Adventure. The new attraction is expected to be based on King Kong, utilizing technology from the popular King Kong 360-3D attraction found at Universal Studios Hollywood, along with new indoor and outdoor dark ride elements, to reincarnate a beloved icon from Universal Studios Florida‘s earliest days. So consider this the first installment of Kongstruction, our ongoing series tracking the progress on this ambitious new project.

Kongstruction Project 340 photo