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Traveling on Disney Cruise Line with a Party of Five or More

by on September 15, 2015

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World for a family of five or more can be tricky. Planning a Disney Cruise Line trip for a family of five or more can be downright mind-boggling. The choices feel simultaneously too few and too many. To make things a bit easier, I’m going to walk you through some of the things you need to know when planning a Disney Cruise for a larger party.

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Disney World Hotel Options for Larger Families

by on October 8, 2013

If you’re a family of four or fewer, you have limitless choices on where to stay during your Walt Disney World vacation. All the Disney hotels sleep four in their rooms. But if, like me, you have five or more in your family, then your choices become more limited. Here’s a run-down of your on-site lodging options at Walt Disney World.

Before I get going, let me first clarify by saying that all the WDW hotels allow the stated room capacity plus a child under the age of three sleeping in a Pack ‘n Play crib. For example, the standard value rooms at the Pop Century and All-Star resorts have a stated capacity of four guests, but they do allow five guests to stay in one room if one is a child under age three sleeping in a crib. This means that if your party of five includes a baby, then you can still stay in a single room anywhere at Walt Disney World.

The Art of Animation family suites offer a table that converts to a bed.

The Art of Animation family suites offer a table that converts to a bed.


A Murphy bed room at Port Orleans Riverside.

  • What is the stated room capacity?: Five guests, plus a child under the age of three in a crib.
  • Describe the room: Some rooms in the Alligator Bayou section of POR are equipped with two standard queen-sized beds plus a junior-sized Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall underneath the TV. Previously these rooms were outfitted with trundle beds rather than Murphy beds, so you may still hear them referred to as the trundle rooms. There is one bathroom with a double vanity.
  • Who would be most comfortable there?: The sleep surface of the Murphy bed is approximately 66″x31″. (This is smaller than a standard US twin bed, which is typically 75″x39″.) The Murphy bed is really most appropriate for an elementary-school-age child or preschooler. Anyone over 5 feet tall will be too large for the Murphy. Families of five with young children will have the best experience here.
  • Any particular pros to this set-up?: You have access to moderate resort amenities, as well as easy access to Port Orleans French Quarter and Downtown Disney.
  • Any disadvantages to this set-up?: There’s one bathroom for five people. The Murphy bed is directly under the television, making it more than usually disruptive if the parents want to sneak in a movie after the kiddos have fallen asleep. Other than the bathroom, there is no privacy for adults.

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