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Glass-Blowing comes to Magic Kingdom

by on December 28, 2007

The glass shop on Main Street USA will soon have a new glass-blowing show area.

Two massive kilns were recently installed and unveiled in the rear of the store, which now extends far down the length of the once-abandoned side street.

The whole area is well themed and the on-stage production area looks to provide a fascinating look at the process of glass blowing.

Demonstrations are expected to begin in January of 2008.

The store also offers an expanded selection of decorative offerings from high-end vases and glass work to laser-personalized glass pierces as well as swords and armor.

Art of Disney replaces Main Street Cinema

by on November 24, 2007

The new Art of Disney store has opened replacing the Main street Cinema, though keeping the cinema theme.

Mickey Mouse cartoons play in the rear of the small space while a statue of Steamboat Willie at the helm acts as the central focus.

The entrance is flanked with movie-style posters with Disney characters enticing guests to enter.

Offerings within are very similar to other Art of Disney stores around Walt Disney World.

Main Street Expands offerings

by on November 24, 2007

The new crystal shop on Main Street USA has expanded, reopening some of the long-shuttered retail space on the east side street.

The store now offers merchandise similar in style and theme to the now-defunct shop that was inside Cinderella Castle before the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique was installed, including large swords and armor.

The new space still has refurbishment walls up in the rear, the way the original area of the store did when it opened, implying it may grow even further and recover more of the abandoned alley.

Back into Center Street?

by on July 10, 2007

Permits have been filed for the Arribas Bros shop in the Market House location on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. The location will expand into the adjacent, and currently defunct, toy shop on Center Street. This area of Mainstreet has long been empty though electric upgrades were made in the past to the empty shops to prep them for reopening.

Center Street intersects Main Street between the Market House and Uptown Jewelers. Across the main path, Center Street used to continue in another alcove that was removed when the Emporium store rennovated and engulfed the space.

Main Street Bakery refurb ends

by on April 7, 2007

Refurbishment of the Main Street Bakery has concluded and the eatery now offers an expanded seating area into what was previously the glass/crystal shop.

Market House to close on Mainstreet USA

by on January 7, 2007

The Market House shop on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom will close to be converted into a new Arribas Brothers store. The store will glass creations like other such stores owned by the company. The Market House previously offered disney themed kitchen utensils and supplies.

Arribas Brothers small sub-store in the Main Street Bakery will also close and be removed as the new store location opens and will be replaced with more seating for the bakery.

Mainstreet Athletic Club reopens from Refurb

by on June 13, 2006

After breif period of refurbishment, the Mainstreet Athletic Club has reopened with a new “upscale” country club boutique look and feel.

The general merchandise selection is the same, and a nice addition is the trophy room.

Inside, you’ll find subtle nods to Disney history, including this tribute to Disneyland’s 50th anniversary.

Minor Rehabs of Unknown Length

by on May 4, 2006

Since May is a lower crowd level month than April and June, it is often used as a period of small refurbishment projects within the parks prior to the big summer season.

Currently there are several small projects with refurbishment walls within the parks with no solid completion date, rather they ‘should’ be done by “summer.” Here is a short list of current projects:

Keystone Clothiers at MGM is closed, but the small Christmas Shop near Muppetvision is open as an alternative.

The Mainstreet Athletic Club is closed. Merchandise from this store is available elsewhere on Mainstreet USA.

The Epcot DVC kiosk is closed.

Also, within Epcot’s World Showcase the two Asian pavilions, China and Japan, have had tarps up over certain buildings for several months. Completion dates for these projects are unknown.