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Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining OPEN

by on October 7, 2007

After what felt like forever, the Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining restaurants have opened at the Japan Pavilion. Teppan Edo has kept a menu very similar to its predecessor the Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki. Tokyo Dining offers some new choices, though it does offer many of the tempura (battered and fried) choices of Tempura Kiku which is replaces. It has also absorbed the diverse sushi selection of now extinct Matsu No Ma Lounge whose space it expanded into. Fun note: A children’s meal at Tokyo Dining comes in a big serving dish shaped like a bullet train.

The interior of both restaurants is refreshed and has a look of contemporary Japan. Very sleek lines, dark hard woods, and rich colors are arranged in a very zen sort of style.

Reservations for the two locations are already hard to come by, so make your plans early.

No Mitsukoshi in October

by on August 31, 2007

Several guests have recently reported being contact by Disney Dining to reschedule their dinner plans at Epcot as the Mitsukoshi restaurant will not open as previously scheduled and is delayed until after October. As compensation, diners are being offered what equates to their choice of Epcot eatery (regardless of whether or not reservations were previously available) and a ticket to an Illuminations dessert reception on the night of their scheduled dinner.

UPDATE: Mitsukoshi Restaurant Closure

by on March 5, 2007

The Mitsukoshi Restaurant complex in Japan at Epcot will be closed (new dates) from April 15th – Aug 25th, 2007. This includes the Teppanyaki Dining Room, Matsu No Ma Lounge, and Tempura Kiku. (Originally reported dates were January 15 – May 25, then March 11 – July 14.)

Mitsukoshi Teppenyaki Refurbishment

by on October 6, 2006

The Mitsukoshi Teppenyaki restaurant at Epcot will be closed for refurbishment Janaury 15th – May 25th, 2007.