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Premium Parking Now Available at Disney Springs

by on June 2, 2017

Disney Springs ParkingIf you are looking to park at Disney Springs, you now have a brand new option, though it will come at a cost. Two new “Preferred Lots” have been introduced. For only $10 Guests can conveniently park in either the Lemon lot (near World of Disney on the Marketplace side) or Grapefruit Lot (on the West Side.)

Parking is still available for free in both the Orange and Lime garages, as well as the Watermelon and Strawberry surface lots.

In addition, Disney is currently building a third garage located across from Disney Springs near the Casting and Speedway parking lot that will add approximately 2,000 additional parking spaces for the area.

The Walt Disney World theme parks recently rolled out preferred parking which is currently a $20 upcharge, in addition to regular parking fees.


Six Things To Expect on Your First One-Day Trip to Walt Disney World

by on April 19, 2016

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World one time or fifty times, chances are your trips have logistically all taken on a similar form. A flight or long car ride into the Orlando area, maybe a taxi, shuttle, or Magical Express ride to Walt Disney World property if you flew, and then getting around property using Disney’s occasionally efficient system of buses, ferry boats, and monorails. Sure there might have been some experiments with a rental car thrown in to facilitate a visit to Harry Potter and his friends at Universal, the beach, or to watch cars drive in circles for hours at Daytona…but odds are that most of your travel to and around Walt Disney World has been contained to the modes mentioned.

Should the day come when you find yourself in the state of Florida for some other reason, be it work or play, and Mickey’s gravitational pull proves too much to bear, you may find yourself deciding to drive over to a Walt Disney World theme park for the day, like it were Six Flags or something. There are facets of this experience that will be quite different and maybe even a little jarring to a Walt Disney World vacation vet.

(Let’s stop for a minute to mention people who live in Central Florida and visit Walt Disney World exclusively as a local day guest: 1. We are all a little jealous of you, and 2. You probably can expand on every single point I make in this article, so please join us in the comments. Oh yeah, and 3. We’re really really jealous, like for real.)

So here are six things that you can expect as a Walt Disney World vet if you are taking a one-day trip for the first time:

Interstate 4 Overhead Signs

Like seeing these mundane road signs…

Disney Traffic Sign

…and these slightly more whimsical ones!


You know how you ride around Walt Disney World property and see the purple and red road signs? You think to yourself that they are a cool feature of property and give you that “I’m somewhere different from the real world” feeling. Those are an absolutely necessary Godsend if you are actually driving a vehicle throughout property…and on first inspection they might make no sense. You may have the layout of property etched on your brain, so it makes no sense to you when you see that Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Wide World of Sports are in one direction while Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the Epcot Resorts are in the opposite direction.

But you need to remember that these are road signs, they are helping you take roads in the right direction. They are not pointing to spots on property. It may sound crazy but on my first time driving around property, I found myself second guessing the road signs as if I somehow knew more about where things were at Disney World than the urban planners did. Speaking of things you’ll learn while behind the wheel…

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Video: POV of new Disney Springs I-4 Exit Ramp

by on October 18, 2015

new Disney Springs I-4 exit ramp video

Drive down the brand new Disney Springs I-4 exit ramp in our exclusive POV video. (Photo/video by Seth Kubersky)

If you’ve visited Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World any time in the last couple of years, you know what a royal pain in the tuchus traffic can be in that area. Now you can rejoice, because Downtown Disney is dead and Disney Springs is here, with a brand new way to arrive. The new Disney Springs I-4 exit ramp is now open, providing a much more stress-free way to drive into the shopping district’s recently completed parking garage.


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Get to Know the Disney World Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC)

by on June 19, 2013

If you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World, chances are you’ll encounter the term “TTC.” TTC is the Transportation and Ticket Center and we’re here to tell you what it’s all about.


The TTC is, not surprisingly, a major transportation hub at Walt Disney World, serving as a transfer point between boats, buses, and monorails, as well as the parking center for guests driving to the Magic Kingdom.

Take a look at this map of Walt Disney World and you’ll see the TTC in the lower center of the blue blob. It doesn’t look like much, but it can be a big help in getting you from point A to point B. And knowing how navigate the TTC can mean the difference between making the trip from A to B pleasant and efficient or making it a looong night of waiting around.


Here are some of the transportation related things you can do at the Transportation and Ticket Center:

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