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So Spaceship Earth is finished, who knew?

by on March 29, 2009

We asked the managers. We asked the CM’s. We asked guest relations. We sent a letter to Siemens and we even annoyed their PR guy.

We have been told enough times to finally accept it: Spaceship Earth is finished in its current state. There are apparently no plans to add anything to the bleak black curtain finale and nothing is just sitting there waiting to be turned on.

We wish it weren’t true, but it is. If anyone would like to present us with physical proof or a statement from Disney or Siemens on the matter we will happily sing a different tune.

In the meantime, please do not email us telling us they have added a blue triangle to the descent in recent weeks – they have not. We have ridden it and seen it for ourselves many times over many weeks and nothing has changed significantly in several months. Sorry.

Yes, it will have a dock

by on March 28, 2009

Some of our researchers recently had the chance to float past the construction being finished at the Treehouse Villas. it appears the resort will indeed have its own dedicated water taxi service as Disney is working to build a dock at the site. The water taxi will shuttle guests to Downtown Disney.

Grand gets new floor

by on March 28, 2009

The Grand Floridian lobby will soon receive new marble floors and replace most carpeting.

Phil Holmes and other management changes

by on March 28, 2009

In a second wave of layoffs several areas of Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort management are being restructured in the past week.

Most notable in the casualties, we’ve heard that VP of Magic Kingdom, Phil Holmes, is no longer with the company.

Many areas in the parks are losing multiple operational managers (and many frontline CM’s would argue that they were redundant positions). Reports are of attraction groups losing several managers per area and restaurants each losing a few. The most major cuts appear to come from the Studios park.

Management structure has fluctuate over the years at the parks and resorts. The most recent setup involved multiple areas with multiple managers – indeed redundant to some extent. This is compared to previous operational setups where many areas were combined and only a few managers separated the frontline CM’s from the heads of the parks.

Perhaps the best outcome would be the return of “leads” and quasi-management CM’s at individual locations who can make big decisions and remain dedicated to operation. A common complaint among CM’s is that management spends too much time in the back offices and have no idea how to run an attraction or perform their job function properly. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Tomorrow’s Color?

by on March 19, 2009

A new color scheme may be coming to Tomorrowland near Space Mountain. Recently the old fountain at the Skyway station has been shut off and its upper pool drained so that it could be repainted in a light blue color scheme.

Stitch Is Coming

by on March 19, 2009

Stitch’s new show in Tomorrowland is slowly rising over the construction walls in the plaza near the old Skyway station and Carousel of Progress.

The new addition features two sizable building – the performance stage/screen as well as an apparent control booth structure across from it.

New Rocks

by on March 19, 2009

The rockwork at the entrance of tomorrowland is being repainted.

During the process it looks as though giant globs of silly putty are taking over the area. We assume this is a base boat and that color and shading will be added later. If anything, it shows how talented Disney painters are who made the original rockwork.

Chef Mickey’s New Look

by on March 19, 2009

Chef Mickey’s has a new look after the construction on the 4th floor of the Contemporary resort has subsided. Overall, the area now has 3 entry portal – one to the rennovated Outer Rim Bar, Chef Mickey, and the Contempo Cafe quick service.

Guests are channeled down a long black and red tiled walkway to the new check-in podium for the restaurant.

Once checked-in, guests wait to be called in a plush new waiting area. This area is again adorned in the black and red “Mickey” color scheme.

We suspect the original structures which remain will soon be repainted to match the new additions. Seating has been reworked to give the whole restaurant a more open and less cramped feeling.

Contemporary Update

by on March 19, 2009

The Bay Lake Tower is nearly ready for guests. Workers are busy moving upwards in the tower and furnishing the remaining room.

The sky bridge connecting the old building to the new is nearly complete. Work to put on glass panels to seperate the interior of the walkway from the elements has begun recently.

Down on the ground level, guests going to the Mgic Kingdom are experiecing a new walkway of their own. The maze of construction fences and refurbishment walls to the park include small elevated bridges, rough/uneven surfaces, and a distinct lack of directional signage. We suggest taking the monorail until construction is complete in this area.

American Idol Isn’t Half Bad

by on March 19, 2009

The American Idol experience is up and running daily shows at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. Our intrepid reporters braved the experience to report back with some good news.

First off, don’t worry about having to arrive terribly early for a show unless it’s a peak day on the crowd calendar. The waiting area opens up roughly 45 minutes before the show and slowly begins to fill. Only in the final 10-15 minutes to showtime does it appear to become “full” on a normal day and often more guests are admitted once the show has begun loading into the main theater. An entertaining preshow plays on overhead screens and runs in a constant loop which is times in sequence with the show itself. It does include full blown Coca Cola commercials in case anyone in your party is squeamish when it comes to crass product advertising.

Inside the main theater the seats are comfortable if a bit cramped and the hosts even explain a proper voting technique to not poke the person next to you in the eye with your elbow. The stage is a dazzling scale-down replica of the real American Idol stage. We were impressed with the technical quality of the whole presentation.

The experience, much to our surpise, is worth the hour of your life (30minutes of show plus waiting and loading). The cast is energetic and the guest talent is often surprisingly good. If hearing someone belt out Disney tunes then perhaps this attraction isn’t for you, but does make a nice addition to the a park themed to showbiz.