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Staying at Two Disney World Resorts in One Trip: Planning a Split Stay

by on September 13, 2012

Walt Disney World is so vast, with so many accommodation options, that making a final decision about where to stay can be quite a task. Some folks find the decision so challenging that they skip making a final call altogether and instead decide to divide their stay between two or more hotels. This not uncommon practice is called a “split stay” and it comes with a host of things to consider. We’ll help you decide whether a split stay will give you the best of both worlds or a double-size headache.

Sometimes you have Grand taste, but not the cash for a long stay.

Why might I consider having a split stay?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider bunking at two or more hotels during your Disney World visit:

  • Availability. You may have your heart set on a particular hotel, but rooms there are not available for your entire vacation.
  • Budgetary constraints. You have deluxe tastes, but not a deluxe wallet. You can satisfy both needs by staying at one more and one less expensive hotel during your trip.
  • Attractiveness of multiple hotels. You may simply like the location or amenities of more than one hotel. You can sample them all with a split stay.
  • Change in your party composition. If part of your vacation is alone and part is with the in-laws, you may have different resort priorities for each leg of the trip.
  • Arrival/departure time. If you’re arriving at WDW late at night, you can economize a bit, by staying at a lesser resort for your first “sleep only” night.
  • Business at one hotel, vacation at another. Some guests may arrive at WDW for a conference, wedding or other programed event, but stay on longer for vacation time. Different hotels may suit these different purposes.

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