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First impressions of Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks

by on June 20, 2016

There has been an awakening, and if you’ve been anywhere in vicinity of Walt Disney World you have likely heard it even if you haven’t felt it. On Friday June 17, 2016 the new “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” night time show debuted. I hesitate to simply call it a fireworks show, because it is so much more. In a park that already has a great night time spectacular: Fantasmic! it seems almost unnecessary to have a second night time show. However, this Star Wars spectacular is absolutely breathtaking for anyone who is a Star Wars fan. I’ll include a brief, spoiler-free review below and also give a more detailed review at the end for those who want all the details.


Spoiler-free review

Here I will provide a brief overview of “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular” without going into too much detail, in hopes of avoiding spoilers. If you’d like more details about the show and the effects and elements more details are provided further down this post.

This night time show is often simply dubbed the “Star Wars fireworks.” While the show does contain lots and lots of fireworks, there are many more elements to it. Think of it as a symphony. The fireworks are just one section, let’s think of them as the brass section. In a symphony there are many other sections like strings, woodwinds, and percussion. This show has multiple elements the way a symphony has multiple sections.



It is best to secure a spot 30 – 45 minutes in advance. However, it should be noted that when I went on opening night our group arrived to Hollywood Blvd about an hour beforehand and there were about 300-400 people already in front of us. The main focus of the show are stunning projections. There are projections on the Chinese Theater, but also the two neighboring facades, making a for a wide view. There are multiple launch points for the fireworks, the main of which is off centered to the right.

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New Star Wars-themed Events Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

by on February 19, 2016

So, Star Wars….pretty good franchise….am I right? Of course, I’m right! I know that there are those who are anxiously awaiting Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. While you may be waiting a little bit before the land opens, I do have some fun and exciting news to share with you about some new experiences you’ll be able to enjoy starting soon!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is quickly become Star Wars central and beginning on April 4, that fact will be ramped up even more, as new live entertainment will begin.

First, a brand new live stage show will debut called Star Wars: A Galaxy, Far, Far Away. This new show will celebrate all the iconic moments from the Star Wars stories. It will also feature characters from the universe including Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Chewbacca. Guests will be able to experience this show multiple times a day at the Center Stage, found in the main hub of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in front of The Great Movie Ride.

In addition, there will also be a daily processional called the Stormtroopers March. Multiple times a day, Guests will be able to march with Captain Phasma who will lead First Order Stormtroopers from the Star Wars Launch Bay to the Center Stage.

Perhaps the most exciting news though is that beginning this summer, a brand new fireworks spectacular will debut, inspired by the Star Wars saga. This blockbuster new nightly showcase will be unprecedented because it will include not only fireworks, but also lasers, light projections, as well as other special effects. Oh and don’t forget that incredible John Williams score.



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