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Spending Christmas at Walt Disney World? Things to Think About

by on October 3, 2012

I spent Christmas Day with my family at Walt Disney World in 2010 and will be doing so again in 2012.

The holiday season can be a magical time at Disney (the lights! the trees!) or a challenging time (the crowds! the cost!). There are numerous tips, tricks, and touring plans that can help you navigate the fun and frustration of a Disney December, but there are a few special things you may want to consider when planing a Disney stay which includes Christmas Day itself.

We wore Santa hats all day on Christmas. New tradition!

How will your extended family feel about your decision to be away from them on Christmas?

If spending the holidays with extended family is not part of your usual Christmas practice, then you’re good to go.

But if you come from a clan where several generations gather every Christmas day, and have done so for eons, then you’re going to have your work cut out for you breaking with tradition.

If Great Aunt Sally is sad that you won’t be eating her famous tourtière* and/or lutefisk next to her tree in your Lanz nightgown and bunny slippers, you have a few alternatives:

  • Invite Aunt Sally, and the rest of the gang, to join you at Walt Disney World. Of course, this brings up a host of new problems. Who’s paying for the trip? Can everyone get reservations? Does everyone now think this is the new family tradition? If you’re considering asking the gang to come with you, work out your strategy in advance. Perhaps consider our tips for visiting Walt Disney World with non-nuclear family.
  • Plan an alternative celebration. Due to work or travel schedules, MANY folks celebrate the secular aspects of Christmas on a day other than December 25. You may want to have this alterna-plan worked out in advance of telling any potential nay-sayers about your Disney trip.
  • Use technology to include everyone in the festivities. Now that there’s free WiFi in the Disney resorts, you have no excuse not to use FaceTime or Skype to connect everyone on Christmas morning. You can “be there” while everyone opens their presents and sings “Deck the Halls.” Then you can head out to enjoy your Tonga Toast in peace.
  • Just make a clean break. Sometimes extended family can be a bit much of a muchness. If you’ve just plain had enough of Aunt Sally and her stinky old fish, be firm when you tell the family about your Disney World plans. You’re going; they’re not.

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