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New Terminator 2 3D Preshow Debuts at Universal Studios Florida (with Video)

by on December 2, 2015

Terminator 2 3D is one of the oldest attractions remaining at Universal Studios Florida (right behind opening-day survivors E.T. and Horror Makeup Show) and rumors have swirled for years that the aging show would soon see its demise. But over Thanksgiving Week, Universal quietly debuted a new Terminator 2 3D preshow film, implying that T2/3D may be around for a few more years to come.


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Universal Studios Florida Fish Mongers Acrobatic Street Show Opens

by on December 2, 2015

Following the Halloween season, Universal Studios Florida premiered four new street shows intended to entertain crowds in the absence of the recently closed Disaster and Twister attractions. It looks like Universal’s entertainment team wasn’t done yet, because you can add a fifth title to that list of new productions. Staged in San Francisco near the Chez Alcatraz bar, the new Fish Mongers acrobatic street show is so fresh that it isn’t yet listed in park map, but we were there during its debut week to bring you this front-row view of a full performance:


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Video: 4 New Universal Studios Florida Street Shows

by on November 11, 2015

new Universal Studios Florida street shows

See videos of Straight Outta Food Truck and 3 other new Universal Studios Florida street shows. (Videos by Seth Kubersky)

Between the end of Halloween Horror Nights 25, and the recent permanent closures of Disaster and Twister, Universal Orlando has said farewell to a long list of attractions in the past few weeks. But when one door closes, another opens — or in this case, four new Universal Studios Florida street shows have opened.

To be accurate, some of these shows aren’t exactly brand new; one has played seasonally at USF for years, and others have been in previews for a month or more. But Universal finally added them as official attractions on the most recent park maps, so we are bringing you a look at these entertainment additions with full videos of each new production. None are worth making a special trip to the park for, and their combined attendance won’t approach the capacity of the major rides recently closed, but all four shows are worthy of 15 minutes out of your day if you are in the area when one begins.

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Video: Farewell Tribute to Twister at Universal Studios Florida

by on November 2, 2015

Twister has been blown out of Universal Orlando, but you can relive Paxton memories with our tribute. (Videos by Seth Kubersky)

Put your hand on your hip and hold on, because this bit of news may just blow you away: as of November 2nd, Universal Studios Florida’s Twister…Ride It Out attraction is gone with the wind.

Just weeks after Universal shuttered Disaster! to make way for Fast & Furious, the long-expected closure of Twister was executed within days of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon’s unveiling of his “Race Through New York” simulator, which will be the next occupant of the New York soundstage originally built for the Ghostbusters Spooktacular show.

As a closing cast crew-member of Ghostbusters (it was my first gig at USF back in 1996) I never entirely warmed up to the show that replaced it, as the effectiveness of Twister’s effects varied widely throughout the attraction’s 17 year lifespan. But if you’re a fan of “so bad it’s good” entertainment, the aggressive ennui emanating from stars Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt was absolutely priceless, making Twister a strong candidate for Orlando’s best worst attraction.

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Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever October 22, 2015: Back to the Future Day at Universal Studios Florida

by on October 22, 2015

Best Week Ever Back to the Future Day at universal Studios Florida USF

Spend Back to the Future Day with Doc Brown at Universal Studios Florida for this Best Week Ever. (Photos & video by Seth Kubersky)

Great Scott, what a Best Week Ever it’s been! As all cinema lovers know, October 21, 2015, was the day that Doctor Emmett Brown and Marty McFly arrived in the futuristic Hill Valley in Back to the Future Part II. As of yesterday, we all officially live in the future! Even though hoverboards and Mr. Fusion machines aren’t yet commonplace, scores of sci-fi fans showed up — many in elaborate costumes — to celebrate Back to the Future Day at Universal Studios Florida.

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Seth Kubersky’s Best Week Ever October 8, 2015: Halloween Horror Nights 25

by on October 8, 2015

Halloween Horror Nights 25 best week ever

The fiendish festivities of Halloween Horror Nights 25 await you in this Best Week Ever (photos by Seth Kubersky).

It’s been exactly one week since I stepped off the Disney Magic, and my sea legs had barely worn away before I stumbled — for the sake of Best Week Ever — into Halloween Horror Nights 25 at Universal Orlando. The event’s 25th edition was the first in almost a decade whose opening weekend I missed, so to say I was anxious to experience upon returning to the States is an understatement.

Driving into Universal Orlando’s parking structure, I snapped a photo of the parking rates. Little did I know this would be the last time I’d ever see these prices, as Universal raised their general parking rate up to $20 per day only hours after I took this picture.


There was steady pedestrian traffic heading in and out of the park by 5 p.m. Everyone play nice out there and follow the rules!

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How to Enjoy Halloween Horror Nights When You Are Scared of Everything

by on October 7, 2015

Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights is the undisputed champion of Halloween events in North America. Now celebrating its 25th year, longtime fans flock to this event, many claiming it gets better every year. I, on the other hand, swore to never set foot inside the gates of this terrorizing event. Last weekend I broke that oath and faced my fear… and I loved it! I am astonished to admit that I had a great time and am already making plans to attend next year. But this success story didn’t happen without some very important factors. A game plan is needed if you want to enjoy Halloween Horror Nights when you are scared of pretty much everything.

Wait until the first week has passed

Thankfully, Halloween season starts early in Orlando, usually the second week of September. Halloween Horror Nights is an incredibly elaborate production that changes dramatically each year. After opening week there are typically adjustments made to the shows, a few scare zones, and even a house or two. This is not to say that the first week is not enjoyable, but if you’ve never been to HHN before I think it is a good idea to let them iron out any kinks of the first week before attending yourself.

Source: Universal Orlando

Source: Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando Resort Photo Update: September 10, 2015

by on September 10, 2015

Welcome back to another photo update around the Universal Orlando Resort. This week we’ll start things off with a look at the newest CityWalk venue, the NBC Sports Grille Brew. We’ll head into the Studios where Halloween Horror Nights construction is coming to a head. Two new musical acts have also debuted in the park, each with a unique theme. Over at Islands of Adventure, we’ll finish off this week’s update with another look at the progress on the upcoming Skull Island: Reign of Kong.


Welcome to CityWalk.



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Refillable Mugs at Universal Orlando – Worth it or Wasted?

by on August 28, 2015

One of the first things I noticed that was different at Universal Orlando and SeaWorld versus Walt Disney World is the refillable mugs inside the theme parks. What I didn’t realize until after my first few months of becoming a regular Universal Orlando visitor is the substantial variety of refillable mug programs available throughout Universal Orlando. There’s four options just in the theme parks themselves, then there’s two different programs at the Universal hotels, and finally two programs inside CityWalk, oh and none of the programs can be combined. So in hopes of helping you navigate through the busy waters of all the refillable mug options I’d like to share the details of each option. I’ll also give my stance on if I think each mug is worth it or wasted.

In the theme parks

Character mugs – $15.99 /  $0.99 refills

Wasted: If you or your child is a big fan of a specific character then the character mugs might be a good value for you. Personally, I think their clunkier size make them impractical for repeated, every day use. However, they certainly are unique and add to the fun of being inside the theme parks.



Regular refillable cup and Black Transformer mug – $8.99 / $0.99 refills

Worth it: If you are an Annual Passholder or will be visiting for an extended amount of days, the basic refillable cup is a good deal. The $0.99 refills are not limited to the day of purchase, so you can easily get your money’s worth considering one fountain soda is $3.19. If you use the refillable cup more than 3 times you’ll have spent your money wisely. There are also a good amount of food and beverage locations throughout the park to snag your free refills. The downside is the refills are your basic fountain drink variety, not the fancy smancy Coke Freestyle flavor selection.



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Minion Mania takes over Universal Studios Florida

by on July 1, 2015

They’re small, they’re round, they’re yellow, and when you set foot in Universal Orlando, they’re seemingly everywhere. The adorable, funny, and mischievous minions from the Despicable Me movies are about to get their own movie and Universal Studios Florida is awash in minion mania. Families and fans can get minionized in more ways than ever before, making this summer the perfect time to visit Universal Orlando and celebrate all things minions. Let’s take a look at all the ways you can get into the minion mania.


Minion Scavenger Hunt
New for this summer a fun, simple, and silly scavenger hunt takes place throughout all of the Universal Studios Florida theme park. It’s not elaborate and obviously temporary, but it adds an entertaining way to celebrate the new minion movie. Families and friends are sure to have a good time reading the clues and exploring the park together.

Simply pick up your scavenger hunt card at the minion merchandise store, Super Silly Stuff. The card will give you the instructions and contains 10 clues describing where to find each answer. It’s a scratch off card, so some of the clues are partially obstructed by the scratch off panels, which is kind of frustrating; I’m not sure why the scratch off panels aren’t just under each clue instead of on top off the clue, but I guess we’ll just say it adds to the mystery of the scavenger hunt. Each clue gives a description of where in the park you will find your answer. The answer is marked by a large decal or display of the minions with an answer indicating one of the three most famous minions: Bob, Stuart, and Kevin. Once you see which minion is the answer just scratch off the bubble for the appropriate minion.


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